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Addendum: How to Add a PayPal is Optional Message to Registration Checkout #optimization

Event Espresso 4 has an option that lets you edit the messaging that is shown right before a registrant/attendees goes to to pay for their registration. This is a good oppurtunity to remind registrants/attendees that a PayPal account is optional and they can pay with a major credit card .

Note: A PayPal account is optional if guest checkout is enabled on the merchants PayPal account and this is restricted in some countries. Please check with PayPal support to confirm that guest checkout is available in your country.

We can go a step further by replacing the standard white and blue PayPal logo with one that also includes the PayPal logo & major credit card logos.

Step 1 - Find a replacement payment image for PayPal

Go to this link:

Locate an image that you would like. The PayPal logo + major credit card option looks helpful. Now download a copy of this image to your computer. This can be done in most web browsers by right-clicking on the image and saving it. Be sure to save it to somewhere easy to find such as your desktop or downloads folder.

Step 2 - Upload the replace payment image to your site

Login to your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin). Then go to Event Espresso --> Payment Methods. Click on PayPal Standard. You should then see some options for PayPal including the Button Image URL. Next to the URL field, you'll see a small box. Click on it and that will show a window that will allow you to upload an image. Go ahead and locate that new PayPal image on your computer and upload it.

Step 3 - Add some help text to the payment option desription.

Look for the Description field which will have some existing text like this:

Upon submitting this form, you will be forwarded to PayPal to make your payment. <strong>Make sure you return to this site in order to properly finalize your registration.</strong>

Change it to something like this:

Upon clicking on the Finalize Registration button, you will be transferred to where your payment will be securely processed. A <strong>PayPal account is not required</strong> and you can pay with a credit or debit card. Return to this site afterwards to see the confirmation of your registration.

Then save changes to the PayPal payment method.

Event Espresso 4 will now use this updated image and show your custom messaging during registration checkout.