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Material to accompany JSON data type examples
-- MySQL dump 10.13 Distrib 5.6.28, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64)
-- Host: Database: demo
-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- Server version 5.7.11
/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;
/*!40103 SET TIME_ZONE='+00:00' */;
-- Table structure for table `people`
/*!40101 SET @saved_cs_client = @@character_set_client */;
/*!40101 SET character_set_client = utf8 */;
CREATE TABLE `people` (
`id` int(11) NOT NULL,
`guid` char(36) DEFAULT NULL,
`is_active` tinyint(1) DEFAULT '0',
`name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`address` varchar(1000) DEFAULT NULL,
`about` text,
`location` geometry DEFAULT NULL,
`tags` json DEFAULT NULL,
`friends` json DEFAULT NULL,
`profile` json DEFAULT NULL,
/*!40101 SET character_set_client = @saved_cs_client */;
-- Dumping data for table `people`
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `people` DISABLE KEYS */;
INSERT INTO `people` VALUES (0,'636ca299-4a63-42a3-9fa3-f6f62aa3a3ac',1,'Howard Ortega','662 River Street, Dale, Palau, 9092','Ipsum deserunt nostrud deserunt commodo sint quis eu voluptate. Cillum dolore cillum nulla voluptate consectetur magna. Id cupidatat pariatur excepteur ipsum sunt adipisicing cupidatat proident minim ullamco nulla ex. Mollit nisi id reprehenderit ad officia irure occaecat cupidatat reprehenderit laboris sint. Cillum nisi in incididunt ea reprehenderit ut reprehenderit enim anim officia. Esse officia irure deserunt anim consectetur fugiat deserunt nisi.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0U ƒ‡gIÀ<O<g‹yeÀ','[\"officia\", \"et\", \"anim\", \"dolore\", \"ut\", \"duis\", \"quis\"]','[{\"name\": \"Leola Marshall\"}, {\"name\": \"Mitchell Foley\"}, {\"name\": \"Parks Smith\"}, {\"name\": \"Dolly Tanner\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"salary\": 52000, \"twitter\": \"@estvelit\", \"direct_reports\": 7}'),(1,'d0ccf8f8-7a20-45df-b24a-45fe19161a8f',0,'Miller Gamble','416 Beard Street, Dawn, Alabama, 522','Non exercitation excepteur aliquip mollit eiusmod consectetur amet nulla. Ut aliquip velit commodo ea amet. Non ullamco sit nisi ullamco. Dolor eiusmod eiusmod labore et officia ad cupidatat cillum sunt.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0,‚ÿ­dKAÀ o –êÄ]@','[\"et\", \"officia\", \"culpa\", \"excepteur\", \"ullamco\", \"exercitation\", \"in\"]','[{\"name\": \"Strickland Carpenter\"}, {\"name\": \"York Lynch\"}, {\"name\": \"Alberta Riggs\"}]','{\"salary\": 52000, \"join_date\": \"2013-05-13T10:02:22 -01:00\"}'),(2,'885a44fb-9a90-4989-9e12-8cf6457cfc21',0,'Harriett Leon','675 Jefferson Street, Yukon, West Virginia, 561','Id eiusmod deserunt duis do consectetur occaecat anim do nostrud veniam est tempor sunt fugiat. Dolor amet cillum voluptate qui ullamco labore dolore minim non non nulla ullamco ipsum. Ut velit et deserunt deserunt. Id proident sunt cillum tempor dolor deserunt culpa Lorem ea excepteur sit. Voluptate non quis cupidatat irure labore laborum ea. Ea et anim quis voluptate aute sint nulla et eiusmod nisi aliquip nisi.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0lâuýMÀÙYLQ_@','[\"laboris\", \"consectetur\", \"mollit\", \"dolore\", \"aute\", \"consectetur\", \"adipisicing\"]','[{\"name\": \"Krista Bailey\"}, {\"name\": \"Dunn Sellers\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"driver\": true, \"salary\": 63000, \"twitter\": \"@commodoproident\"}'),(3,'8f5eaf59-aa3a-4c72-bca0-100dcdd51165',1,'Claudia Durham','824 Oakland Place, Hobucken, Northern Mariana Islands, 9498','Adipisicing do proident qui laboris nostrud ipsum amet aliquip exercitation voluptate non enim sit. Proident nulla cupidatat voluptate ullamco in laboris esse. Cillum sint eu aliqua mollit aute magna reprehenderit ullamco ex id cillum laborum voluptate excepteur. Laboris voluptate nulla est commodo excepteur exercitation veniam cupidatat ea ad Lorem proident mollit.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0„ò>Ž$À©¤N@‡WÀ','[\"ad\", \"veniam\", \"sunt\", \"eiusmod\", \"pariatur\", \"veniam\", \"reprehenderit\"]','[{\"name\": \"Campos Conway\"}, {\"name\": \"Mary Gay\"}, {\"name\": \"Hewitt Sloan\"}, {\"name\": \"Fuentes Russell\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"salary\": 50000, \"first_aid\": true, \"vegetarian\": false, \"direct_reports\": 12}'),(4,'37a13b91-0c4e-48de-a28f-0dd752c140c7',1,'Cox Huff','843 Bedford Avenue, Jugtown, South Carolina, 6925','Quis qui elit commodo dolore sit proident eu consectetur non minim adipisicing enim est voluptate. Dolore magna reprehenderit quis deserunt elit do cupidatat ea magna voluptate elit deserunt. Dolor anim Lorem elit cupidatat nulla enim quis reprehenderit amet ipsum. Nostrud sint irure eu non labore veniam laboris. Ea veniam sunt duis laborum. Aute reprehenderit aute Lorem pariatur ut ex ut. Dolor cillum id exercitation non labore velit dolore ex aliquip aute adipisicing magna irure labore.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0œnÙ!þ¹\"Ày>êÍùe@','[\"reprehenderit\", \"Lorem\", \"adipisicing\", \"ipsum\", \"cupidatat\", \"deserunt\", \"consectetur\"]','[{\"name\": \"Henderson Robles\"}, {\"name\": \"Marshall Perkins\"}, {\"name\": \"May Webster\"}]','{\"salary\": 61000, \"twitter\": \"@mollitconsequat\"}'),(5,'9dfab815-36bf-40fb-824b-d0376a1ca94e',0,'Tameka Rice','354 Argyle Road, Mahtowa, Maine, 4371','Nostrud incididunt cillum culpa mollit ut est ex et dolor nostrud sit est laborum. Est est elit aliquip laboris reprehenderit nostrud cillum. Nostrud cillum sit velit consequat exercitation amet Lorem irure laboris ea laboris. Occaecat laborum occaecat Lorem culpa duis adipisicing.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0ï9°!ÜU@¿˜-Y;AÀ','[\"proident\", \"ullamco\", \"incididunt\", \"proident\", \"incididunt\", \"enim\", \"voluptate\"]','[{\"name\": \"Lee Tyler\"}, {\"name\": \"Edna Vang\"}, {\"name\": \"Knowles Camacho\"}]','{\"driver\": true, \"salary\": 68000, \"join_date\": \"2014-08-10T04:44:12 -01:00\"}'),(6,'8f6d85c6-7a09-435e-a510-7b507485b3a3',0,'Richmond Nielsen','406 Desmond Court, Whipholt, South Dakota, 7969','Labore ipsum ipsum id sit consectetur id officia reprehenderit. Duis duis irure officia sunt irure deserunt consequat nisi. Occaecat nisi adipisicing voluptate eiusmod dolor do eiusmod occaecat. Cupidatat duis ipsum amet duis. Duis culpa sunt eu ipsum ullamco esse. Do excepteur voluptate eu velit magna aliquip amet enim tempor est labore. Mollit aute cillum enim labore minim anim consectetur occaecat amet eiusmod.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0yæå°û®CÀî=\\rÜíVÀ','[\"tempor\", \"non\", \"nostrud\", \"aliqua\", \"aute\", \"aliquip\", \"quis\"]','[{\"name\": \"Ramona Hendrix\"}, {\"name\": \"Velasquez Patel\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"salary\": 36000, \"direct_reports\": 8}'),(7,'414d3826-bf89-43fb-935d-ac3648a9f28c',1,'Joy Hill','301 Sackett Street, Jeff, Pennsylvania, 6489','Ullamco culpa consectetur sit Lorem est non enim magna sit aute mollit fugiat mollit. Cupidatat laborum dolore dolore voluptate id ex laborum duis mollit non. Non occaecat incididunt fugiat eiusmod dolor sint. In sit irure aute proident eu sint laborum. Ea ad minim eu amet labore deserunt excepteur duis esse officia consectetur sit esse.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0C\0pì§I@)x\n¹«VÀ','[\"mollit\", \"aliqua\", \"amet\", \"in\", \"exercitation\", \"cupidatat\", \"quis\"]','[{\"name\": \"Long Reeves\"}, {\"name\": \"Mills Weeks\"}, {\"name\": \"Margery Anthony\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"salary\": 31000, \"twitter\": \"@occaecatest\", \"join_date\": \"2014-12-10T06:53:49 -00:00\", \"vegetarian\": true}'),(8,'61bb2298-2d63-4cf2-a1f0-a4323b278756',0,'Lowe Knapp','372 Osborn Street, Neahkahnie, Oregon, 962','Est laborum adipisicing sint adipisicing irure eu. Duis non commodo velit nisi excepteur esse tempor magna. Enim elit sint dolor officia tempor. Excepteur incididunt irure do occaecat et nulla. Elit et proident sunt aliqua do ea fugiat eiusmod ut sint nostrud minim irure. Ullamco irure eu velit excepteur do ex proident voluptate Lorem anim cupidatat voluptate culpa.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0ê\"…²ðé4Àën‡½a@','[\"ullamco\", \"amet\", \"occaecat\", \"esse\", \"occaecat\", \"laboris\", \"aliquip\"]','[{\"name\": \"Duran Soto\"}, {\"name\": \"Hurley Barber\"}, {\"name\": \"Callahan Weiss\"}, {\"name\": \"Katelyn Summers\"}]','{\"salary\": 31000}'),(9,'a190d261-2c0c-4575-81fa-ff915db097ef',1,'Daniels Booker','781 Brooklyn Road, Blue, Massachusetts, 9015','Ea dolor est sint eiusmod consequat voluptate. Eiusmod adipisicing enim ullamco sit deserunt quis amet est enim voluptate. Eiusmod aliqua ullamco cupidatat commodo id ea eiusmod nostrud quis ex aliquip. Cupidatat magna reprehenderit dolor ut incididunt cillum amet pariatur culpa. Enim officia incididunt est sit veniam pariatur amet. Nisi occaecat occaecat excepteur sunt labore velit pariatur ad.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\"\08öì\"À0ðÜ{ÐQÀ','[\"nisi\", \"ullamco\", \"tempor\", \"qui\", \"minim\", \"ipsum\", \"laboris\"]','[{\"name\": \"Fischer Lancaster\"}, {\"name\": \"Lauri Marsh\"}, {\"name\": \"Case Blackburn\"}, {\"name\": \"Cotton Welch\"}]','{\"salary\": 44000, \"join_date\": \"2014-03-25T02:08:27 -00:00\"}'),(10,'c31d994a-b561-493c-929f-afade8423d1b',1,'Virgie Bauer','792 McKibbin Street, Fannett, Connecticut, 6103','Lorem id quis do anim sit velit. Do id reprehenderit consectetur cupidatat officia nisi aute laboris laboris nostrud adipisicing ullamco elit fugiat. Consectetur esse culpa ullamco do occaecat ad sunt. Officia mollit cupidatat deserunt nostrud ipsum ea exercitation aute. Ipsum exercitation proident fugiat sit ad dolore ipsum sint exercitation mollit pariatur.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0Ÿ<,Ԛ¨QÀy?n¿|Ob@','[\"consectetur\", \"incididunt\", \"labore\", \"consequat\", \"irure\", \"anim\", \"consectetur\"]','[{\"name\": \"Abigail Wynn\"}, {\"name\": \"Hayden Hatfield\"}]','{\"salary\": 23000, \"twitter\": \"@proidentproident\", \"join_date\": \"2014-09-06T02:40:48 -01:00\"}'),(11,'df4abe4b-701f-4d8f-98de-fb8f0a5b00f3',0,'Kristy Pope','910 Bevy Court, Fredericktown, Nevada, 6292','Sunt do fugiat nisi incididunt tempor cupidatat consectetur aliqua consequat labore culpa aliqua. Elit officia adipisicing fugiat proident amet minim fugiat consequat nostrud. Pariatur officia ex minim aute laborum enim minim occaecat ullamco labore.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0C9Ñ®B7QÀŠ‘%söQÀ','[\"veniam\", \"labore\", \"ipsum\", \"excepteur\", \"sit\", \"eu\", \"irure\"]','[{\"name\": \"Rena Williamson\"}, {\"name\": \"Deena Maynard\"}, {\"name\": \"Liza Fox\"}]','{\"driver\": false, \"salary\": 53000, \"twitter\": \"@eadeserunt\", \"direct_reports\": 3}'),(12,'9adf8a7a-62f6-4cfe-aac7-d97f03fdf3a6',1,'Lynch Farmer','185 Ford Street, Boomer, Illinois, 3143','Eiusmod aliquip cillum minim dolor laborum consequat consequat id est laboris culpa. Cupidatat consequat id laborum enim sunt tempor laboris cupidatat commodo velit exercitation. Ad dolore aute duis do ad. Nulla exercitation consequat do excepteur ad commodo anim cupidatat enim qui qui. Magna duis consectetur proident aute et.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0છçP@eÆÛJ/:b@','[\"qui\", \"aute\", \"laborum\", \"ut\", \"duis\", \"anim\", \"elit\"]','[{\"name\": \"Carly Henry\"}, {\"name\": \"Kristin Henderson\"}, {\"name\": \"Opal Delgado\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"join_date\": \"2015-12-05T09:24:42 -00:00\"}'),(13,'97754b56-5617-4fae-9040-5b341d4308b3',0,'Schwartz Bowers','549 Debevoise Avenue, Riegelwood, Hawaii, 7773','Magna non sit occaecat officia nostrud esse. Sunt id pariatur aliquip ipsum minim laboris proident. Adipisicing reprehenderit consectetur quis et Lorem eiusmod Lorem laborum est do. Consequat ad est aliquip dolore consectetur Lorem. Eu anim irure aliquip elit cupidatat elit nostrud. Lorem non adipisicing ea ad aute minim. Aliqua dolore quis ut reprehenderit mollit exercitation ut ut ad nisi.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0,ôÁ26`CÀ3TÅTúº`@','[\"ut\", \"in\", \"qui\", \"consequat\", \"culpa\", \"exercitation\", \"ipsum\"]','[{\"name\": \"Kathrine Beach\"}, {\"name\": \"Jeannie Morin\"}]','{\"salary\": 66000, \"twitter\": \"@incididuntaute\", \"direct_reports\": 10}'),(14,'adccd67e-39ad-4211-b84a-e348ae580ae0',0,'Salinas Maxwell','147 Clara Street, Ezel, Georgia, 9901','Sunt sit magna est laboris irure sit amet. Incididunt nostrud cillum reprehenderit in incididunt ad. Occaecat dolor velit laboris reprehenderit proident non.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0tE)!Xµ\ZÀãüM(dÀ','[\"dolor\", \"duis\", \"laborum\", \"in\", \"cillum\", \"ipsum\", \"ut\"]','[{\"name\": \"Arnold Irwin\"}, {\"name\": \"Kimberley Elliott\"}, {\"name\": \"Colette Wade\"}]','[]'),(15,'506b58ad-6274-46e0-aa3d-24458223edcd',0,'Swanson Cochran','650 Cornelia Street, Dexter, Virginia, 7641','Excepteur laboris veniam id fugiat veniam ea laboris laboris quis est proident veniam elit veniam. Sunt magna deserunt ut laboris elit aliquip sint dolor fugiat dolor Lorem. Qui labore minim quis excepteur qui proident et sit proident amet consequat non veniam. Consequat laboris adipisicing anim exercitation adipisicing enim aliqua aliqua velit mollit laboris. Qui cupidatat aute dolor cillum in duis laboris. Deserunt enim sunt mollit nisi amet magna aliquip consectetur veniam. Eu labore amet adipisicing ullamco ex consectetur.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\02èLZ@òΡ Um7@','[\"ex\", \"duis\", \"et\", \"consectetur\", \"consectetur\", \"ea\", \"est\"]','[{\"name\": \"Casandra Schroeder\"}, {\"name\": \"Mullen Martin\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"salary\": 38000, \"join_date\": \"2014-12-04T05:52:18 -00:00\"}'),(16,'5611a117-7820-4b2a-9f5a-3d514953d7ae',1,'Howe Holland','249 Myrtle Avenue, Lemoyne, Iowa, 212','Fugiat est commodo veniam ullamco elit non cillum incididunt consectetur et quis ea Lorem. Eiusmod consequat ad aliquip aute nisi. Incididunt deserunt nostrud aliqua enim reprehenderit aliquip nulla deserunt et minim velit. Laboris officia excepteur fugiat consequat laboris ut.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0¼“OmtVÀV}®¶âŸaÀ','[\"irure\", \"cillum\", \"ullamco\", \"proident\", \"magna\", \"id\", \"consequat\"]','[{\"name\": \"Farley Slater\"}, {\"name\": \"Klein Henson\"}]','{\"salary\": 39000, \"twitter\": \"@laborenostrud\", \"join_date\": \"2013-04-02T03:22:31 -01:00\", \"vegetarian\": true}'),(17,'79653c3b-6af8-480d-8c54-045b0d5ab690',1,'Jimmie Workman','587 Riverdale Avenue, Nadine, Wyoming, 5901','Sint id fugiat mollit enim incididunt. Ullamco laboris elit excepteur laborum adipisicing labore non. Eiusmod fugiat labore in cupidatat.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0”¢•NÀÜšt[Â-À','[\"mollit\", \"elit\", \"officia\", \"qui\", \"tempor\", \"excepteur\", \"est\"]','[{\"name\": \"Elaine Matthews\"}, {\"name\": \"Kimberly Doyle\"}, {\"name\": \"Louisa Calderon\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"salary\": 47000, \"twitter\": \"@adipisicingest\"}'),(18,'c8654ac2-9864-4c5a-a1bf-f1c7ae568f9b',0,'Lenora Walters','607 Harbor Lane, Hillsboro, Nebraska, 3908','Exercitation ea veniam ad anim excepteur nostrud sit laboris. Deserunt est ullamco et anim mollit ex ad aliquip mollit id officia Lorem anim exercitation. Sint aliquip adipisicing culpa cupidatat ea in id. In enim consectetur consequat et reprehenderit anim ea eiusmod sunt. Enim tempor sunt veniam labore.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0&áBÁÍÀŒó7¡e;@','[\"consectetur\", \"labore\", \"dolore\", \"ullamco\", \"adipisicing\", \"voluptate\", \"ex\"]','[{\"name\": \"Olivia Stevenson\"}, {\"name\": \"Shelton Velazquez\"}, {\"name\": \"Katie Brady\"}, {\"name\": \"Roberts Murphy\"}]','{\"salary\": 23000, \"twitter\": \"@ullamconisi\"}'),(19,'64f31332-cf59-4532-8710-a24ce8a2d3b2',0,'Fitzpatrick Hinton','523 Montague Street, Roosevelt, Oklahoma, 5406','Exercitation ullamco fugiat proident tempor incididunt. Et esse id reprehenderit commodo tempor nostrud do sint dolore nostrud deserunt sunt ullamco aliqua. Culpa est ex excepteur ad qui quis nulla. Mollit eu culpa ea sunt consequat sunt voluptate culpa anim reprehenderit anim eiusmod. Deserunt qui laboris non sit dolor elit. Tempor ad ea excepteur do aliquip tempor occaecat exercitation dolore mollit ullamco enim ad.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0‰ð/‚Æì@dxìg±€0À','[\"esse\", \"nostrud\", \"proident\", \"laborum\", \"Lorem\", \"minim\", \"sit\"]','[{\"name\": \"Letitia Nichols\"}, {\"name\": \"Fisher Dawson\"}, {\"name\": \"Fuller Franklin\"}]','{\"salary\": 58000, \"direct_reports\": 7}'),(20,'5f1bd510-fecf-47bf-be17-f8eabd7b52dd',1,'Leach Wilcox','110 Bancroft Place, Dellview, District Of Columbia, 886','Duis tempor esse sint id deserunt ex nostrud ullamco mollit non elit. Id amet culpa quis adipisicing culpa. Esse officia adipisicing consectetur nisi commodo magna ipsum ullamco labore in dolore minim nulla. Id cillum nostrud aliqua id minim. Cupidatat eiusmod sint amet sint anim excepteur tempor.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0SxÐìºlPÀþðó߃=À','[\"dolor\", \"deserunt\", \"officia\", \"officia\", \"aute\", \"esse\", \"reprehenderit\"]','[{\"name\": \"Davenport Gross\"}, {\"name\": \"Raymond Austin\"}, {\"name\": \"Scott Hardy\"}, {\"name\": \"Acosta Hartman\"}]','{\"email\": \"\", \"driver\": false, \"twitter\": \"@laboristempor\", \"join_date\": \"2014-03-02T03:31:36 -00:00\"}'),(21,'12811faa-974c-4405-9ca8-382f4201d12a',0,'Sweet Allen','441 Middagh Street, Hoehne, Alaska, 1820','Irure ad esse excepteur Lorem ipsum excepteur consequat mollit. Nulla fugiat aliquip dolor velit anim. Culpa culpa est ipsum ea adipisicing culpa quis. Laborum sunt ex nisi amet culpa. Ad elit aliqua adipisicing sint magna amet cupidatat. Officia elit exercitation reprehenderit consectetur veniam.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0·´\Z÷XÀX‘ÑIA@','[\"qui\", \"ex\", \"commodo\", \"incididunt\", \"duis\", \"ea\", \"pariatur\"]','[{\"name\": \"Farmer Malone\"}, {\"name\": \"Lacey Dickerson\"}, {\"name\": \"Summers Meyers\"}]','{\"driver\": true, \"salary\": 79000, \"join_date\": \"2016-03-02T10:08:17 -00:00\", \"direct_reports\": 3}'),(22,'f8410f49-c1db-4ca8-9db1-35811b7a228d',1,'Burton Hubbard','868 Crosby Avenue, Zarephath, Florida, 9510','Ex ut consequat et laborum est irure magna duis. Sint tempor nulla sunt cupidatat labore in excepteur. Aliqua sit enim fugiat magna. Laborum deserunt id cupidatat velit labore proident non culpa cillum voluptate sit amet enim aute. Sunt tempor mollit ut cupidatat.\r\n','\0\0\0\0\0\0\0M,ðÝIÀÈBt©>@','[\"nostrud\", \"minim\", \"labore\", \"exercitation\", \"tempor\", \"culpa\", \"labore\"]','[{\"name\": \"Crane James\"}, {\"name\": \"Walton Mcclure\"}, {\"name\": \"Wallace Diaz\"}, {\"name\": \"Sonia Chaney\"}]','{\"driver\": true, \"salary\": 55000, \"twitter\": \"@estlabore\"}'),(23,'f47a357f-2492-4084-9987-04362940e752',1,'Teresa Berg','753 Jaffray Street, Sparkill, Tennessee, 8671','Irure sit duis adipisicing occaecat incididunt quis tempor commodo reprehenderit. Ipsum mollit non dolore duis cillum ipsum fugiat id mollit eiusmod. Culpa proident dolor sit exercitation do aute velit nulla velit duis. Amet ipsum occaecat voluptate sunt eiusmod non labore. Laboris proident aliqua cupidatat sint. 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/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `people` ENABLE KEYS */;
-- Dump completed on 2016-04-04 17:02:42

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@cqyy cqyy commented Jul 5, 2016

When import the people.sql into my mysql-server, I get the error:

Cannot get geometry object from data you send to the GEOMETRY field.

Some says this can be fixed by using ' --hex-blob option' when dump,does this matter?


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@MasterMong MasterMong commented Aug 12, 2016

I set to varchar.
from location geometry DEFAULT NULL,
set to location varchar(1000) NULL,


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@Trashtravis Trashtravis commented May 22, 2018

NExt time you run a mysqldump please make sure the max_allowed_packet is big enough to acommodate your largest data blob, for instance:
mysql -u user -h hostname --max_allowed_packet=32M dbname < dumpfile.sql

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