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*Add full stop period*
([a-zA-Z]+)]]> replace with $LAST_SUBMATCH_RESULT.]]>
Non breaking space between number and mm
([0-9]+) mm replace with $LAST_SUBMATCH_RESULT mm
Add non breaking space before :
([0-9a-zA-Z]) : replace with $LAST_SUBMATCH_RESULT :
Add non breaking space between number and word
View OpenFL javascript video
var video = document.createElement('video'); = "videoDisplay";
video.autoPlay = false;
#if html5
var htmlVideo:VideoElement;
htmlVideo = cast(Browser.document.getElementById('videoDisplay'), VideoElement);
View OpenFL Video Help File.hx
* OpenFL Video help file for flash/html5
* openfl=3.5.3
* lime=2.8.3
var duration:Int;
var ns:NetStream;
var vid:Video;
//create video
loudoweb / FixText.hx
Last active Feb 15, 2016
Fix font embedding issue in flash for TextField made with FlashCC/OpenFL plugin
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import openfl.display.DisplayObjectContainer;
import openfl.text.TextField;
* ...
* @author loudo
class FixText
loudoweb / FixTile.hx
Created Nov 3, 2015
Fix tile trick to avoid border artifacts between tiles. #haxe #openfl
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* Avoid holes or border artifacts between tiles.
* Sometimes the scale by 1.01 trick doesn't work, a greater value should be used. This method finds the correct value for you.
* If you use openfl_legacy, pack your atlas using reduceBorderArtifact option in TexturePacker. There is no need to use this option on openfl_next.
* You should update the scale of your tiles if your resize the screen during the game to always have the best scale value.
* @author loudo
class FixTile
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