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Last active Aug 28, 2021
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3D SVG renderer for menger sponges
import numpy as np
from svg import *
compose = lambda f: lambda g: lambda *a, **k: f(g(*a, **k))
PURPLE = '#6a1eb0'
ORANGE = '#ff824a'
BLUE = '#75c1ff'
VP_WIDTH = 2.0
VP_EYE = -np.array((11.90, 11, 27))
VP_DIR = -np.array((-2.00, -1, -3))
VP_FOC = 2.5
# I don't know numpy, there is probably a builtin thing for doing this
B3 = -VP_DIR; B3 = B3 / np.linalg.norm(B3)
B2 = (0, 1, 0) - B3[2] * B3; B2 = B2 / np.linalg.norm(B2)
B1 = np.cross(B2, B3); B1 = B1 / np.linalg.norm(B1)
B = np.matrix((B1, B2, B3)).transpose()
def zcoordinate(u):
x = VIEWBASIS * np.matrix(u - (VP_EYE + VP_DIR)).transpose()
return np.ndarray.item(x[2]), np.ndarray.item(VP_FOC*x[0]/(1-x[2]), 0), np.ndarray.item(VP_FOC*x[1]/(1-x[2]), 0)
class View:
def __init__(self, position, direction):
self.pos = position
self.dir = direction
bz = -self.dir / np.linalg.norm(self.dir)
by = (0, 1, 0) - bz[2] * bz
by = by / np.linalg.norm(by)
bx = np.cross(by, bz)
self.basis = bx, by, bz
self.invbasis = np.matrix(self.basis).transpose().I
def global_to_view(self, v):
v = v - (self.pos + self.dir)
return self.invbasis * v.transpose()
# Basic header
svg_open(width=1024, height=1024,
x_bias=-VP_WIDTH/2, y_bias=-VP_HEIGHT/2,
class Poly:
def __init__(self, *points, **opts):
self.points = [np.array(p) for p in points]
self.opts = opts
centre = sum(self.points[:-1]) / len(points)
zcoords = [zcoordinate(point) for point in self.points]
self.projpoints = tuple((x, y) for _, x, y in zcoords)
self.z = zcoordinate(centre)[0]
def draw(self):
svg_polygon(*self.projpoints, **self.opts)
def __lt__(self, other):
return self.z < other.z
class Cube:
def __init__(self, x, y, z, w=1):
self.faces = [
Poly((x,y,z), (x+w,y,z), (x+w,y+w,z), (x,y+w,z), fill=PURPLE, stroke=PURPLE, stroke_width="0.001"),
Poly((x,y,z), (x,y,z+w), (x,y+w,z+w), (x,y+w,z), fill=ORANGE, stroke=ORANGE, stroke_width="0.001"),
Poly((x,y,z), (x+w,y,z), (x+w,y,z+w), (x,y,z+w), fill=BLUE, stroke=BLUE, stroke_width="0.001"),
def projections(self):
yield from self.faces
class Level:
def __init__(self, x, y, z, n=1):
if n == 1:
f = Cube
f = lambda *a, **k: Level(*a, **k, n=n-1)
self.cubes = [
# Back
f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*2), f(x+3**(n-1)*1, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*2), f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*2),
f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*1, z+3**(n-1)*2), f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*1, z+3**(n-1)*2),
f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*2), f(x+3**(n-1)*1, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*2), f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*2),
# Mid
f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*1), f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*1),
f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*1), f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*1),
# Front
f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*0), f(x+3**(n-1)*1, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*0), f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*2, z+3**(n-1)*0),
f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*1, z+3**(n-1)*0), f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*1, z+3**(n-1)*0),
f(x+3**(n-1)*2, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*0), f(x+3**(n-1)*1, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*0), f(x+3**(n-1)*0, y+3**(n-1)*0, z+3**(n-1)*0),
def projections(self):
for cube in self.cubes:
yield from cube.projections()
def draw(obj):
polygons = sorted(obj.projections())
for polygon in polygons:
draw(Level(0, 0, 0, n=2))
# Footer
Sorry, something went wrong. Reload?
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Sorry, this file is invalid so it cannot be displayed.
def xml(tag, _xml_tag_is_a_singleton=True, **options):
s = f'<{tag}'
kw_attrib = lambda x: x.replace('_', '-')
if options:
s += ' '
s += ' '.join(f'{kw_attrib(k)}="{str(v)}"' for k, v in options.items())
if _xml_tag_is_a_singleton:
s += ' />'
s += '>'
def xml_open(*args, **kwargs):
xml(*args, **kwargs, _xml_tag_is_a_singleton=False)
def xml_close(tag):
def svg_header():
'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>'
def svg_open(width, height, x_bias, y_bias, xw, yh, **opts):
vb = f'{x_bias} {y_bias} {xw} {yh}'
ns = ''
xml_open('svg', width=width, height=height, viewBox=vb, xmlns=ns, **opts)
def svg_close():
def svg_poly(*points, **opts):
point_str = ' '.join(f'{x},{y}' for x, y in points)
xml('polyline', points=point_str, **opts)
def svg_polygon(*points, **opts):
point_str = ' '.join(f'{x},{y}' for x, y in points)
xml('polygon', points=point_str, **opts)
def svg_circle(point, radius, **opts):
xml('circle', cx=point[0], cy=point[1], r=radius, **opts)
def svg_line(p1, p2, **opts):
xml('line', x1=p1[0], y1=p1[1], x2=p2[0], y2=p2[1], **opts)
def svg_rect(p, width, height, x_radius=0, y_radius=0, **opts):
xml('rect', x=p[0], y=p[1], width=width, height=height,
rx=x_radius, ry=y_radius, **opts)
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