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Last active Jun 1, 2020
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QubesOS TL;DR Setup

QubesOS TL;DR Setup


  1. UI enforcing GnuPG HSM with sig subkey installed
    • Examples: Yubikey, Ledger, Trezor
  2. Public key matching device in step #1 on flash drive
  3. TOTP/HTOP capable Personal HSM
    • Examples: Nitrokey, Librem Key
  4. PC with TPM verified coreboot-heads firmware installed
    • Examples: Nitropad, Insurgo PrivacyBeast, Librem 13/15
  5. Flash drive containing latest QubesOS image


  1. Enroll personal GnuPG public key into TPM via "OEM Factory Reset"

  2. Regenerate TOTP/HOTP secret in Librem Key

  3. Change user/admin pins of Librem Key

  4. Boot QubesOS installer and install with FDE + defaults.

  5. Reboot to OS

  6. Sign new QubesOS install and boot entry when asked with GnuPG HSM

  7. Boot into QubesOS

  8. (optional) Install desired WM/shell if not XFCE/bash


    [jdoe@dom0 ~]$ sudo qubes-dom0-update i3 i3-settings-qubes zsh
  9. Install critical packages for HSM use in Debian TemplateVM

    user@debian10:~$ sudo apt install scdaemon u2f-host
  10. Create a user in Debian TemplateVM

    user@debian10:~$ sudo useradd -m -G qubes -s /bin/bash jdoe
  11. Add new user to sudoers in TemplateVM

    user@debian10:~$ sudo vim /etc/sudoers
  12. Set user and preferred template as default in general use Qubes

    [jdoe@dom0 ~]$ sudo qvm-prefs --set personal default_user jdoe
    [jdoe@dom0 ~]$ sudo qvm-prefs --set personal template debian-10
    [jdoe@dom0 ~]$ sudo qvm-prefs --set work default_user jdoe
    [jdoe@dom0 ~]$ sudo qvm-prefs --set work template debian-10
  13. Customize Personal/Work Qubes to preference, and create more as desired

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