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Last active Dec 18, 2019
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Hashbang Todo

#! Todo List

Things we want to get done for the community along with bounties for each.


A project is done when a helm chart is submitted to the infra repo, and is in a state where it can be deployed and upgraded/downgraded seamlessly with well defined health checks.

These are all suggested paths. If you want to use Kustomize instead of Helm or other ideas, lets talk about it!

The goal is to make it trivial for anyone to grab any module and hack on it locally then submit updates we can deploy to the rest of the community.

Everyone should be able to be a #! administrator.

First Party Services


  • Allow users to signup via 'ssh'
    • Custom SSH Daemon [$200]
      • Goals:
        • Go or Rust
        • Unprivileged
        • End to end test suite (bats or similar)
      • Features
        • Detect ssh key and suggest usernames based github lookup
        • Logo and intro to hashbang
        • Take user input
          • Username (prefilled, editable)
          • Public Key (prefilled, editable)
          • Server Location
            • Dropdown populated from
          • Submit button
        • On submission create account via "" API endpoint
        • If user already exists, lookup and inform them of the SSH command they need to get there
    • K8s infra-as-code [$100]
      • Should use direct TCP passthrough
      • See "weechat-helm" project for example pattern to follow

Web Hosting

  • Deploy/test deploy Maylis nginx upgrades [$50]


  • K8s infra-as-code [$100]


  • End to end testing [$100]
  • k8s infra-as-code: Postgres that autoloads schema [$100]


  • Migrate to docker-machine for automated cloud builds [WIP]
  • k8s infra-as-code for Drone to autorun/publish builds [WIP]
  • Get builds 100% deterministic [$500]
  • "make verify" tool that can strip sigs and compare two builds [$300]


  • k8s infra-as-code for postfix with our config [$100]

Third Party Services


  • k8s infra-as-code [$100]


  • k8s infra-as-code [$100]


  • k8s infra-as-code [$100]

Mumble [WIP]

  • k8s infra-as-code [$100]


  • k8s infra-as-code [$100]


  • k8s infra-as-code [$100]


  • k8s infra-as-code [$100]

Organizational Projects

Drive 501c3 non-profit status

  • We already are a C corp so we should be able to convert. Who knows lawyers?

Electronic badge

  • Because we don't do enough EE stuff anymore and it would be fun to learn.

Bank Account with public balance/spending


IRL Hackerspace permanant home

  • Who knows anything about corporate real estate?
  • Redwood city area would be optimal.

IRL Workshops

  • Lockpicking & Physical Security
  • Privacy
  • Self Hosting


  • Podcast with Daurnimator, Ryan, Lance and other guests to discuss security, privacy, and digital independence.

CTF Team

Book Chapters

  • Digital Privacy
    • Radio
    • Network
    • Public
    • PII
    • Chat/email
    • Phones
    • Metadata
    • Factory malware
  • Security
    • Hardware tokens
    • SSH
    • Server Hardening
    • Supply chain
    • QubesOS
    • Heads
    • Hardware password mangers
  • Self Hosting
  • Open Source Money
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