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SDM530 ui-lovelace.yaml
- type: vertical-stack
- type: entities
title: 'Licznik energii'
show_header_toggle: false
- entity: sensor.energy_daily_g11
- entity: sensor.energy_daily_g12w
- entity: sensor.energy_monthly_g11
- entity: sensor.energy_monthly_g12w
- entity: sensor.energy_yearly_g11
- entity: sensor.energy_yearly_g12w
- entity: utility_meter.daily_energy
name: "Obecna taryfa"
- entity: sensor.hourly_energy
name: "Ostatnia godzina"
- entity: sensor.daily_energy_peak
name: "Dzien (szczyt)"
- entity: sensor.daily_energy_offpeak
name: "Dzien (poza szczytem)"
- entity: sensor.monthly_energy_peak
name: "Miesiąc (szczyt)"
- entity: sensor.monthly_energy_offpeak
name: "Miesiąc (poza szczytem)"
- entity: sensor.energy_total
name: 'Zużycie energii'
- entity: sensor.energy_l1
name: 'Moc L1'
- entity: sensor.energy_l2
name: 'Moc L2'
- entity: sensor.energy_l3
name: 'Moc L3'
- entity: sensor.voltage_l1
name: 'Napięcie L1'
- entity: sensor.voltage_l2
name: 'Napięcie L2'
- entity: sensor.voltage_l3
name: 'Napięcie L3'
- entity: sensor.current_l1
name: 'Prąd L1'
- entity: sensor.current_l2
name: 'Prąd L2'
- entity: sensor.current_l3
name: 'Prąd L3
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