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Last active Nov 6, 2015
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sandbox git:(removeIcode) cat Test.scala
class C {
def f(l: List[String]) = l foreach println
sandbox git:(removeIcode) ~/scala/scala3/build/pack/bin/scalac -Yopt:l:classpath Test.scala
sandbox git:(removeIcode) cfr-decompiler C.class
public class C {
private static /* synthetic */ Map $deserializeLambdaCache$;
public void f(List<String> l) {
if (l == null) {
throw null;
List foreach_these = l;
while (!foreach_these.isEmpty()) {
foreach_these = (List)foreach_these.tail();
public static final /* synthetic */ Object C$$$anonfun$1$adapted(Object x) {
return BoxedUnit.UNIT;
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