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lsauer / html-hex-color-name-aliases.js
Created Oct 6, 2014
JavaScript: Hex Color to Name Alias - Table of Browser Color Namespaces / HTML Color Aliases
View html-hex-color-name-aliases.js
var htmlColorsMap = (function(scope){
var htmlColorsMap = {};
var _colorAliases = [
'#F0F8FF aliceblue'
, '#FAEBD7 antiquewhite'
, '#00FFFF aqua'
, '#7FFFD4 aquamarine'
, '#F0FFFF azure'
, '#F5F5DC beige'
, '#FFE4C4 bisque'
lsauer / exception_handler.js
Created Sep 23, 2014
Javascript: Lean Exception handler
View exception_handler.js
* lsauer, 2013
* Lean handler for exception reporting; stdout is set by default to console.log
* @param {exc} exc an Exception instance of Error, containing a message and stack property
* @param {exc} stdOut A variadic function for error reporting. By default: console.log
* @return undefined
var exceptionHandler = function(exc, stdOut){
var stdOut = stdOut || function() { console.log.apply(console, arguments) };
if(stdOut instanceof Function){
lsauer / a-invoke-a-bound-function-a-fixed-number-of-times-intervalCallNtimes.js
Created Aug 26, 2014
Custom scoped setInterval and repeat for n-times: intervalCallNtimes binds a function to a declared scope and invokes it after 'tm' milliseconds for n-times
View a-invoke-a-bound-function-a-fixed-number-of-times-intervalCallNtimes.js
//, 2012 lo sauer
//description: intervalCallNtimes; counter after nth time clearinterval; bind a function to a certain scope using 'intervalCall'
//requires: intervalCall, see:
//@param fntimes: an integer-Number or function to control the number of invocations of the callback-counter-function:'fntimes'
// fntimes is passed an integer Number-counter, starting at 1;
//@param fn: the function to be invoked
//@param tm: timeout in milliseconds
//@param scope: scope in which the function should be invoked
//-> examples are provided below
function intervalCallNtimes(fntimes, fn, tm, scope){
lsauer / simulate-trigger-keyboard-key-events.js
Created Aug 26, 2014
JavaScript: Simulate Keyboard Events
View simulate-trigger-keyboard-key-events.js
//, 2012; rev. 2014 by lo sauer
//see also:
//description: trigger handlers attached to DOM elements, which listen to the type 'KeyboardEvent'
//@param s: A single keyboard-character passed as a string e.g. "\n", "a",...
//[@param fncb]:callback function which is passed a boolean event-state (OK=true/Cancelled=false)
var doKeyEvent = function(s /*single char*/, fncb /*callback function, with handler state*/) {
var evt = document.createEvent('KeyboardEvent');
evt.initKeyEvent ('keypress', true, true, window,0, 0, 0, 0, 0, s.charCodeAt(0))
var cncld = !document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].dispatchEvent(evt);
lsauer / a-transform-change-switch-tag.js
Created Aug 25, 2014
JavaScript-transformTag: switch/change the HTML DOM tag type
View a-transform-change-switch-tag.js
//, 2012; rev. 2014 by lo sauer
//description: transformTag fully replaces a node by a different Tag, and re-attaches all children to the newly formed Tag
// Any desired EventHandlers must be re-attached manually
//@param tagIdOrElem: an HTMLElement Id-Name or an instance of any HTMLElement
//[@param tagType]: the HTML Tag Type. Default is 'span' (HTMLSpanElement)
function transformTag(tagIdOrElem, tagType){
var elem = (tagIdOrElem instanceof HTMLElement) ? tagIdOrElem : document.getElementById(tagIdOrElem);
if(!elem || !(elem instanceof HTMLElement))return;
var children = elem.childNodes;
lsauer / custom-scoped-setInterval-JavaScript.js
Created Aug 25, 2014
custom-scoped-setInterval-JavaScript.js: intervalCall binds a function to a declared scope and invokes it after 'tm' milliseconds
View custom-scoped-setInterval-JavaScript.js
//, 2012 lo sauer
//description: intervalCall binds a function to a declared scope and invokes it after 'tm' milliseconds
//@param scope: scope in which the function should be invoked
//@param fn: the function to be invoked
//@param tm: timeout in milliseconds
//[@param fntimes]: Optional. A function to control the number of invocations of 'fn', i.e. to declare events / triggers based on the invocation-count
// fntimes is passed an integer Number-counter, starting at 1;
function intervalCall(scope, fn, tm, fntimes)
lsauer / austria-citylist-letter-abbreviation.json
Last active Aug 29, 2015
JSON: Holidays in Austria's provinces - Austrian provinces ( Österreichische Feiertage )
View austria-citylist-letter-abbreviation.json
"B": "Burgenland",
"K": "Kärnten",
"N": "Niederösterreich",
"O": "Oberöstereich",
"S": "Salzburg",
"St": "Steiermark",
"T": "Tirol",
"V": "Vorarlberg",
"W": "Wien"
lsauer / 1-merging-or-extending-arrays-in-csharp.cs
Created Dec 11, 2013
C#: Merging,Appending, Extending two arrays in .NET (csharp, mono)
View 1-merging-or-extending-arrays-in-csharp.cs
//, lorenz lo sauer, 2013
//description: extending C# for fast and easy string extension
//note: part of a larger Open-Source Project-Codebase
//resides in IEnumerableStringExtensions.cs
public static class IEnumerableStringExtensions
public static IEnumerable<string> Append(this string[] arrayInitial, object arrayToAppend)
lsauer / tsql_update_field_when_conditional_value_is_set_trigger.sql
Created Dec 8, 2013
MS-SQL Server/TSQL Trigger: Update a field only when a specific value is set, otherwise set a different condition
View tsql_update_field_when_conditional_value_is_set_trigger.sql
/*, lo sauer 2013
Target: MS/Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher
description: Upon update, the rows's timestamp field is set to the current unix-timestamp,
unless the timestamp is NULL or Empty. If the timestamp field is supplied in the update
statement, the supplied value is set as is.
The tstamp field is defined as:
[__unixtimestamp] INT NULL
The primary key is defined as:
lsauer / 1backup_and_export_or_restore_and_import_bak_database.sql
Created Dec 6, 2013
Automated Microsoft MS SQL-Server / TSQL: backup and export or restore and import .bak Database backup files for attachment
View 1backup_and_export_or_restore_and_import_bak_database.sql
/*, lo sauer 2013
* description: Step by step process to load or save .bak Database backup files
* credits: RameshVel,Tim Partridge for the @fileListTable; StackOverflow
/* Export/Save a Database Backup
BACKUP DATABASE logicalnameofthedatabase TO DISK = 'c:\physicalnameofthedatabase.bak'
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