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Twitter was failing me badly so I quickly wrote down a random list of reasons why I think (of course, that's just my opinion) code challenges hurt diversity:

  • A lot of people performed badly at exams at uni (or any other form of exam). I can correlate to this very well as I was getting really nervous when taking an exam. I think it's kinda of normal to see code challenges as an exam. I know of people that wouldn't apply because of this reason. After seeing a lot of bad usages of this hiring tool, I wouldn't apply in most cases either.
  • I think it's safe to assume code challenges acts as a filter. All our hiring techinques do and that's fine. My "problem" with this one is that it brings a lot of false negatives. The challenge may be badly written, the person may not have the time to commit to it. And junior developers can get really scared by this.
  • Code challenges are generally meant to hire the bar of seniority and I find that highly counterintuitive. Based on my experience, the more senior a person is,
variable repositories {
default = {
"0" = "fakedata"
"1" = "deloominator"
resource "github_issue_label" "gardening-label" {
count = "${length(var.repositories)}"
repository = "${lookup(var.repositories, count.index)}"
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