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rspec command line options.
Usage: rspec [options] [files or directories]
-b, --backtrace Enable full backtrace
-c, --[no-]color, --[no-]colour Enable color in the output
-d, --debug Enable debugging
-e, --example PATTERN Run examples whose full descriptions match this pattern
(PATTERN is compiled into a Ruby regular expression)
-f, --format FORMATTER Choose a formatter
[p]rogress (default - dots)
[d]ocumentation (group and example names)
custom formatter class name
-o, --out FILE output to a file instead of STDOUT
-I DIRECTORY specify $LOAD_PATH directory (may be used more than once)
-l, --line_number LINE Specify the line number of a single example to run
-p, --profile Enable profiling of examples with output of the top 10 slowest examples
-r, --require PATH Require a file
-v, --version Show version
-X, --drb Run examples via DRb
--configure COMMAND Generate configuration files
--drb-port [PORT] Port to connect to on the DRb server
-h, --help You're looking at it.
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