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LanguageTool: Running it Locally

LanguageTool: Running it Locally



  • An SSD drive for lookup speed
  • Around 9 Gb of space for the required libraries and the English ngrams
  • Around 700 Mb of RAM


Download the ngrams from the following URL:

Docker Image

Download and run the following Dockerfile:

Example command to run it:

sudo docker run --rm -it -p 8010:8010 -e langtool_languageModel=/ngrams -v local/path/to/ngrams:/ngrams erikvl87/languagetool

Having the ngrams on ~/ngrams, the command would be like this:

sudo docker run --rm -it -p 8010:8010 -e langtool_languageModel=/ngrams -v /ngrams:/ngrams erikvl87/languagetool

Browser extensions



Extensions config

  • Open the extension settings and click on “Experimental Settings”
  • Select “Other server” and introduce the address where your LanguageTool server is running

The Dockerfile from Erikvl87 runs the server on port 8010, so we will need to use the following address:

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