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Luke Rodgers lukeasrodgers

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lukeasrodgers / json_post.lua
Created Oct 26, 2018
sample wrk lua script for json post
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wrk.method = "POST"
wrk.body = "{\"email\":{\"value\":\"\"}}"
wrk.headers["Content-Type"] = "application/json"
wrk.headers["Authorization"] = "Basic eHh4Onl5eQ=="
lukeasrodgers /
Last active Jun 5, 2021
postgres conf - tuning notes

269 tunable settings, these 20 are most helpful


  • set to useful peak
  • above 200, look at conn pooler
  • consider superuser_reserved_connections

shared_buffers - shared RAM

  • amt of memory pg takes for itself
  • generally, avail ram ÷ 4
lukeasrodgers / commands
Last active Mar 8, 2021
commands I forget
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move window
:move-window -t INDEX
swap window
:swap-window -t INDEX
kill session
tmux kill-session -t mynames
cycle sessions
C-a (
save scrollback text into a file:
lukeasrodgers /
Last active Jun 11, 2020
time do do things



  • dropping not null constraint on table with 800k rows, approx 35 columns: 32ms (8 core / 16 G RAM mbp)
  • counting table with 5.1M records: 42s (on heroku)
  • adding index on column, all values NULL: 42s (on heroku)
  • adding index concurrently on updated_at column, about 17M rows, aptible postgres ~800 IOPS: 455.8086s
  • adding index concurrently on 3 cols, item_type, event_type, updated_at, ~70M rows: 1.5hours
  • removing index concurrently, one index, table about 20M rows: 80s
  • adding index concurrently on 2 cols, banking_system_id (string, non-fk), platform (string), ~30M rows, about 3k IOPS: ~35 mins
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activate application "iTerm"
repeat 5009 times
tell application "System Events" to key code 36
delay (random number from 0.5 to 5)
end repeat
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# TYPE /a in vim
select(0x1, 0x7FFF5DD1C850, 0x7FFF5DD1C7D0, 0x7FFF5DD1C750, 0x7FFF5DD1C8D8) = 0 0
lseek(0x3, 0x2000, 0x0) = 8192 0
dtrace: error on enabled probe ID 2132 (ID 320: syscall::write:return): invalid kernel access in action #12 at DIF offset 92
select(0x1, 0x7FFF5DD1C720, 0x7FFF5DD1C6A0, 0x7FFF5DD1C620, 0x7FFF5DD1C7A8) = 0 0
fsync(0x3, 0x7FFF5DD1C720, 0x7FFF5DD1C6A0) = 0 0
select(0x1, 0x7FFF5DD1C770, 0x7FFF5DD1C6F0, 0x7FFF5DD1C670, 0x7FFF5DD1C7F8) = 0 0
select(0x1, 0x7FFF5DD1C850, 0x7FFF5DD1C7D0, 0x7FFF5DD1C750, 0x0) = 1 0


  • ensure config is loaded/tested in correct env


  • check for divide by zero
  • is integer division/rounding accounted for?
  • what happens if inputs are very small/very large?
  • what happens if results are negative (even though this "should never happen")


lukeasrodgers / junk.r
Last active Feb 13, 2017
messing with R
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# install CRAN package from R repl
install.packages("mypkg", lib="/Users/luke/.r/pkg/\/R-packages/")
#random numbers from normal distribution
set.seed(42) #for reproducible numbers
x = rnorm(5000) #generate random numbers from normal dist
hist(x,breaks=50, main="Normal distribution, N=5000") #plot
shapiro.test(x) #SW test
>W = 0.9997, p-value = 0.744
lukeasrodgers / gnuplot commands
Last active Sep 27, 2016
Hacky shell script and gnuplot commands to plot the size of a file across a number of git commits, where the name of the file changes but is pattern-matcheable. y-axis data is unique by date.
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set xdata time
set timefmt "%Y%m%d"
set offset graph 0.1, graph 0.1, graph 0.1, graph 0.1
plot "" using 2:1 with lines