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Loop through each finance report and run it using my process_finance_report script, creating an invoice in FreeAgent.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
SECONDS_IN_DAY = (24*60*60)
REPORT_ROOT = File.expand_path("~/Documents/Business/Accounts/iTunes Finance Reports")
# I group US and WW on the same invoice as they are both in USD
INVOICE_GROUPS = [%w{AU}, %w{CA}, %w{GB}, %w{EU}, %w{US WW}, %w{JP}]
one_month_ago = - (30 * SECONDS_IN_DAY)
# My "fetch_finance_reports" script puts reports in a sub-dir e.g. 2010-09-Aug
Dir.chdir(File.join(REPORT_ROOT, one_month_ago.strftime("%Y-%m-%b"))) do
reports = Dir["*.txt"]
INVOICE_GROUPS.each do |invoice|
puts "* Processing invoices for regions: #{invoice.join(", ")}"
reports_for_invoice = { |region| File.basename(reports.grep(/#{region}\.txt/).first) }
puts "process_finance_report #{reports_for_invoice.join(" ")}"

More about the scripts I use to fetch the reports from iTunes Connect and then process them by creating invoices using the FreeAgent API can be found in this blog post.


Removed the ActiveSupport dependency. I realize that the one_month_ago implementation will fail if you run this on the 31st of the, don't do that, right?


Blogged in more detail here.

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