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def buildRegex(secret, knownLetters):
regex = ''
for letter in secret:
if letter in knownLetters:
regex += letter
regex += '.'
return regex
# "secret" is the secret word
# "dictionary" is the list of available words
def playGame(secret, dictionary):
if secret not in dictionary:
print('secret not in dictionary')
return 0
dictionary = list(filter(lambda x: len(x) == len(secret), dictionary))
mistakes = 0
alphabet = list('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz')
knownLetters = set()
regex = buildRegex(secret, knownLetters)
while True:
# build probabilities
probabilities = dict.fromkeys(alphabet, 0)
for word in dictionary:
# iterate over letters left in alphabet which are in word
for letter in alphabet:
if letter in word:
probabilities[letter] += 1
# find letter with highest probability
maxProb = 0
guess = 'z'
for letter in probabilities:
if probabilities[letter] > maxProb:
maxProb = probabilities[letter]
guess = letter
alphabet = list(filter(lambda x: x != guess))
# guess the letter
if guess in secret:
regex = buildRegex(secret, knownLetters)
if not '.' in regex:
return mistakes
dictionary = list(filter(lambda x: re.match(regex, x), dictionary))
if len(dictionary) == 1:
return mistakes
mistakes += 1
dictionary = list(filter(lambda x: guess not in word, dictionary))
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