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Host: Linux snabb2 3.18.40 x86_64 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v3 @ 2.40GHz
Image: lwaftr/snabb-test
Pull Request: #1096
Target Head: 8907970242b04499e970473f18fe07c0975a0ba1
Pull Request Head: 8a7ab76a2c6ec4f8b69f00095424098d7c169a80
SNABB_PCI0=0000:81:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection (rev 01)
SNABB_PCI1=0000:81:00.1 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection (rev 01)
SNABB_PCI_INTEL0=0000:81:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection (rev 01)
SNABB_PCI_INTEL1=0000:81:00.1 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection (rev 01)
Checking test suite:
DIR testlog
TEST core.histogram
TEST core.worker
TEST core.timer
TEST core.memory
TEST core.lib
TEST core.packet
TEST core.shm
TEST core.main
TEST core.counter
TEST apps.bridge.mac_table
TEST apps.ipv6.fragment
TEST apps.ipv6.reassemble
TEST apps.ipv6.nd_light
TEST apps.vhost.vhost_user
SKIPPED testlog/apps.vhost.vhost_user
TEST apps.packet_filter.pcap_filter
TEST apps.keyed_ipv6_tunnel.tunnel
TEST apps.ipfix.ipfix
TEST apps.ipfix.template
TEST apps.test.synth
TEST apps.test.match
TEST apps.virtio_net.virtio_net
SKIPPED testlog/apps.virtio_net.virtio_net
TEST apps.rate_limiter.rate_limiter
TEST apps.lwaftr.lwdebug
TEST apps.lwaftr.nh_fwd
TEST apps.lwaftr.V4V6
TEST apps.lwaftr.ctable_wrapper
TEST apps.lwaftr.ndp
TEST apps.lwaftr.binding_table
TEST apps.lwaftr.rangemap
TEST apps.tap.tap
SKIPPED testlog/apps.tap.tap
TEST apps.example.asm
TEST apps.vlan.vlan
TEST apps.socket.unix
TEST apps.socket.raw
TEST apps.wall.scanner
TEST apps.wall.l7fw
TEST apps.ipv4.fragment
TEST apps.ipv4.reassemble
TEST apps.ipv4.arp
TEST program.l2vpn.control_channel
TEST program.l2vpn.pseudowire
TEST program.lwaftr.quickcheck.utils
TEST program.lwaftr.tests.propbased.genyang
TEST program.snabbnfv.nfvconfig
TEST program.snabbnfv.neutron2snabb.neutron2snabb_schema
TEST program.snabbnfv.neutron2snabb.neutron2snabb
TEST lib.binary_search
TEST lib.hash.murmur
TEST lib.hash.siphash
TEST lib.rrd
TEST lib.checksum
TEST lib.traceprof.traceprof
TEST lib.lpm.lpm
TEST lib.lpm.lpm4_248
TEST lib.lpm.lpm4
TEST lib.lpm.lpm4_poptrie
TEST lib.lpm.lpm4_dxr
TEST lib.lpm.ip6
TEST lib.lpm.lpm4_trie
TEST lib.lpm.ip4
TEST lib.ctable
TEST lib.pmu_x86
TEST lib.numa
TEST lib.ipsec.esp
TEST lib.ipsec.aes_128_gcm
TEST lib.scheduling
TEST lib.fibers.epoll
TEST lib.fibers.file
TEST lib.fibers.sleep
TEST lib.fibers.queue
TEST lib.fibers.timer
TEST lib.fibers.sched
TEST lib.fibers.cond
TEST lib.fibers.fiber
TEST lib.multi_copy
TEST lib.ipc.shmem.shmem
TEST lib.cltable
TEST lib.protocol.datagram
TEST lib.protocol.dns.mdns_query
TEST lib.protocol.dns.mdns
TEST lib.protocol.dns.dns
TEST lib.protocol.ipv6
TEST lib.protocol.tcp
TEST lib.protocol.ipv4
TEST lib.yang.value
TEST lib.yang.path
TEST lib.yang.util
TEST lib.yang.parser
TEST lib.yang.alarms
TEST lib.yang.rpc
TEST lib.yang.state
TEST lib.yang.path_data
TEST lib.yang.schema
TEST lib.yang.yang
TEST lib.yang.binary
TEST lib.pmu
SKIPPED testlog/lib.pmu
TEST lib.buffer
TEST lib.hardware.pci
TEST lib.ptree.json
TEST lib.ptree.worker
TEST lib.ptree.alarm_codec
TEST lib.ptree.trace
TEST lib.ptree.inotify
TEST lib.ptree.action_codec
TEST lib.ptree.ptree
TEST apps/solarflare/
SKIPPED testlog/
TEST apps/ipsec/
SKIPPED testlog/
TEST apps/intel_mp/
TEST apps/tap/
TEST program/snabbvmx/tests/end-to-end/
TEST program/snabbvmx/tests/nexthop/
TEST program/packetblaster/
TEST program/lwaftr/tests/
TEST program/lwaftr/tests/end-to-end/
TEST program/lwaftr/tests/soaktest/
TEST program/lwaftr/tests/config-migrations/
TEST program/lwaftr/tests/propbased/
SKIPPED testlog/
TEST program/snabbnfv/
TEST program/snabbnfv/neutron2snabb/
TEST program/wall/tests/
TEST lib/watchdog/
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