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// This file is required by karma.conf.js and loads recursively all the .spec and framework files
import { getTestBed } from '@angular/core/testing';
import { BrowserDynamicTestingModule, platformBrowserDynamicTesting } from '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic/testing';
import 'hammerjs';
import 'jquery';
import 'materialize-css';
// Unfortunately there's no typing for the `__karma__` variable. Just declare it as any.
declare const __karma__: any;
declare const require: any;
// Prevent Karma from running prematurely.
__karma__.loaded = function() {};
// First, initialize the Angular testing environment.
getTestBed().initTestEnvironment(BrowserDynamicTestingModule, platformBrowserDynamicTesting());
// Then we find all the tests.
const context = require.context('./', true, /\.integration.spec\.ts$/);
// And load the modules.
// Finally, start Karma to run the tests.
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