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@Injectable() export class RenderingTranslationService {
constructor() {}
private renderingTranslationRules: RenderingTranslationRule[] = [RenderingTranslationRule.freetextRenderingRule, RenderingTranslationRule.radioRenderingRule, RenderingTranslationRule.checkboxRenderingRule, RenderingTranslationRule.comboboxRenderingRule];
getRenderingForQuestion(question: Question): Rendering {
let renderingToReturn;
for (const renderingTranslationRule of this.renderingTranslationRules) {
if (renderingTranslationRule.booleanExp(question)) {
renderingToReturn = renderingTranslationRule.rendering;
if (!renderingToReturn) {
throw new Error('No renderings for question: ' + question.externalQuestionId);
return renderingToReturn;
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