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Full-stack Web App Engineer for fast-growing SaaS company

We're looking for a talented full-stack web app engineer to come and join our amazing team on our mission to democratize small business accounting. We like Ruby, Rails, elasticsearch, Graphite, MySQL, RabbitMQ and Puppet. We're based in Edinburgh, UK which is a fabulous place to live and work, but we also have a growing team of engineers who are distributed across the UK and USA.

Things we're interested in:

  • Service-oriented architectures over monolithic apps
  • Building prototypes over writing specs
  • Automation over repetition
  • Seeing evidence rather than guesses

If you'd like to know more about FreeAgent you can check out our company page and our popular Engineering Blog. If you want to know more about the role or you want to apply, email me directly at


Co-founder and CTO, FreeAgent

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