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I read up a little on performance optimization for the Raspberry Pi, and gathered the links before they disappear from my short term memory.

Raspberry Pi general optimization

Web tools specifics

  • Recent versions of NodeJS have been optimized to utilize hardfloat (hardware float operations). Don't use apt-get, instead use nvm to get a more recent version of NodeJS.
  • If you use libraries or frameworks like Express, turn off logging. SD I/O is slow.
  • HW acceleration for CSS3 and HTML5 could be possible with Simon's accelerated X driver. Iceweasel (Debian's version of Firefox) will probably be better supported than Chromium (the non-Google distribution of Chrome) in the start, since its instructions are easier to optimize according to Simon / teh_orph. Midori which is already installed is based on WebKit and more lightweight than Chromium.

However, all web browsers using X will probably never be impressively fast, since X is very hard to accelerate (The problem with X performance is mentioned in this thread


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