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Compile and deploy React Native Android app of Release version to device.
Disclaimer: The instructions are the collective efforts from a few places online.
Nothing here is my original. But I want to put them together in one place to save people from spending the same time as I did.
First off, bundle.
1. cd to the project directory
2. Start the react-native packager if not started
3. Download the bundle to the asset folder:
curl "http://localhost:8081/" -o "android/app/src/main/assets/"
Note: make sure there is assets folder under android/app/src/main beforehand, and check if there is any error in the packager terminal window after curl.
Secondly, compile release version.
1. cd to {YOUR_PROJECT}/android
2. ./gradlew assembleRelease
Thirdly, sign the apk.
1. To generate keystore
keytool -genkey -v -keystore my-keystore.keystore -alias name_alias -keyalg RSA -validity 10000
2. To sign an apk
jarsigner -verbose -keystore <path of my-keystore.keystore> <path of apk> alias_name
3. To zip align an apk
zipalign -f -v 4 <your.apk > <your_aligned.apk>
Lastly, install apk to device.
1. connect your phone to computer
2. adb install {PATH_TO_APK}
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