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Created Dec 9, 2021
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Config tree vs flat
Config config = ConfigProvider.getConfig();

Tree structure

  • Config represented as a tree
  • Every tree node is a Config instance
  • Natural mapping for tree structured config sources such as yaml and json
  • Single and transparent SPI for converters

Flat structure

  • Config represented as a map
  • Natural mapping for tree structured config sources such as properties files
  • No single and transparent SPI for converters. Can only convert strings.
// Getting a node
// ---------------------------------------

// Tree
Config configNode = config.get("node.subnode");
Config configNode = config.get("node").get("subnode");

// Flat
// You cannot get a node in flat structure, you only can get a node value

// Getting a node value as string
// ---------------------------------------

// Tree
String str = config.get("node").asString();
String str = config.getValue("node", String.class); // Can be added for compatibility with MP Config

// Flat
String str = config.getValue("node", String.class);

// Getting a node value as an Object using converter
// ---------------------------------------

// Tree
DataSource dataSource = config.get("node").as(DataSource.class);

// Flat

// Not clear semantics
// - First parameter is a prefix or a key. 
// - The result can be produced using a converter or using some internal mechanism (another SPI, etc.)
DataSource dataSource = config.get("node", DataSource.class); 

// Get a list of subnodes
// ---------------------------------------

// Tree
List<Config> nodes = config.get("node").asList();

// Flat
// It's possible to do with some conplications related to the flat nature of configuration.
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