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@madr madr/autoexec.cfg
Last active Nov 15, 2015

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chat wheels
bind G "+chatwheel; chat0"
alias chat0 "chat_wheel_phrase_0 50;chat_wheel_phrase_1 2;chat_wheel_phrase_2 7;chat_wheel_phrase_3 6;chat_wheel_phrase_4 44;chat_wheel_phrase_5 21;chat_wheel_phrase_6 78;chat_wheel_phrase_7 32;"
bind H "+chatwheel; chat1"
alias chat1 "chat_wheel_phrase_0 66;chat_wheel_phrase_1 69;chat_wheel_phrase_2 65;chat_wheel_phrase_3 70;chat_wheel_phrase_4 68;chat_wheel_phrase_5 62;chat_wheel_phrase_6 60;chat_wheel_phrase_7 85;"
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