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Elixir, React, Phoenix, Rust.

Anders Ytterström madr

Elixir, React, Phoenix, Rust.
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Arood / watch
Created Apr 21, 2013
Watches for changes in JavaScript and Sass-folders
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derpston /
Created May 24, 2012
Python libusb interface for getting key up/down events from USB HIDs like keyboards.
import sys
import time
import usb
class Button:
def __init__(self, vendor_id, device_id):
Find and open a USB HID device.
rob-ot-dot-be / 0_selector_hacks.scss
Created Dec 23, 2011 — forked from chriseppstein/0_selector_hacks.scss
This gist demonstrates some uses of the new sass feature: Passing content blocks to mixins.
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@mixin ie6 { * html & { @content } }
#logo {
background-image: url("/images/logo.png");
@include ie6 { background-image: url("/images/logo.gif"); }
thecocktail / gist:9281
Created Sep 7, 2008
Rake task to validates massively html files
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# # Massive html validation task
# This rake task comes from the nanoc validation task (
# Copy this Rakefile to the root of your htmls or add the task to your existing Rakefile
# and run:
# rake validate
# and that's all :)
thecocktail / validate.rake
Created Sep 5, 2008
Nanoc rake task to make a w3c validation of your output html/css
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# #Nanoc validation task
# To use this validation task you need the w3c_validators gem
# gem install w3c_validators
# and run rake validate on your project root
require 'yaml'
require 'w3c_validators'
include W3CValidators
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