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Last active May 19, 2022
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[Guide] How to setup pfsense with Telenor Internet and Telenor IPTV

[Guide] How to setup pfsense with Telenor Internet and Telenor IPTV

What is working

NOTE: I am nolonger using iptv and cant guarantee it will work, still have telenor internet however.


Ukesarkiv ✔️

Start Forfra ✔️

TV guide ✔️

Radio ✔️

[Telenor Internet]

Alt text


Go to your Telenor router's webpage and find your hostname, often ends on

Alt text


Alt text

[Telenor IPTV]

IGMP Proxy is local network in this case

Alt text

LAN Rules

Alt text

IP Options

Rules with the gear icon next to it have the ip options on.

Alt text

WAN Rules

While wan rules should not need ip options enabled, i have them on regardless. Also Telenor IPTV only uses Local subnetwork and GLOP addressing ranges in the multicast range, so you can restrict it more if wanted

Alt text

Remember that IPTV uses private networks and you need to disable block private networks and loopback addresses in the interface section for wan

Alt text


Older network equipment like Telenor's P8702N does not support IGMPv3 and neither does it's snooping function. If the device don't support IGMPv3, disable its IGMP service and yes your network will be flooded with multicast traffic.

Only use quality NICS (Network cards) for IPTV like Intel. Even Intel nics onboard motherboard can cause troubles for the stream. I use an Original (not fake) Intel i350-T4v2. Bad NICS can cause the following from my experience: Stuttering, Artifacts, disconnects after a while and so fourth.

Dont run NAT or other between PFSENSE and the reciever this will also cause instability. So only run equipment in bridge mode or similar. VLAN are fine if setup correctly.

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