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Free safe mail providers

Free safe mail providers


It hides your computer IP in the email headers, SSL connection, virtual keyboard to thwart keyloggers when you access your email in public computers, and a pledge to erase all connection logs after 3 months. Their servers are located in the Netherlands.


Connection is through SSL, emails in between Safe-mail users are always encrypted, when sending messages to an external address it can be encrypted with a digital certificate after importing it to Safe-mail or use a dropbox, they call it “Safebox”, where the other end is sent a link to a password protected page to retrieve the message. Safe-Mail doesn’t hide your computer IP in the headers and free accounts have a small inbox. The company is based in Israel.


Offering automatic PGP encryption in between Hushmail users, it eliminates the sender computer IP from the headers, email can be accessed with a mobile device, compatible with the iPhone. If you don’t log into your free Hushmail account for some weeks it will be automatically closed. The company headquarters are located in Canada.


Switzerland based email provider with free and paid accounts. Sending email messages is with end to end encryption when you communicate with other users on the same service and in plain text when communicating with users outside ProtonMail , the company itself can’t read your data.


Still in development, but they accept beta testing accounts signups. This email service is managed by well known privacy search engine Startpage and they are based in the Netherlands.

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