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Watching my hand

Leszek Pietrzak magicznyleszek

Watching my hand
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# Your snippets
# Atom snippets allow you to enter a simple prefix in the editor and hit tab to
# expand the prefix into a larger code block with templated values.
# You can create a new snippet in this file by typing "snip" and then hitting tab.
# CoffeScript

Atom Keyboard Shortcuts


shift + ⌘ + p -- toggle command palette

⌘ + / -- toggle line/selection comment

alt + shift + s -- show available snippets

magicznyleszek /
Last active Nov 30, 2015
Useful Mac Commands

Useful Mac Commands

Common stuff

Find all files in current directory by extension

find . -type f -name "*.extension"
magicznyleszek /
Last active Jul 23, 2022
CSS Selectors Cheatsheet

CSS Selectors Cheatsheet

Hi! If you see an error or something is missing (like :focus-within for few years :P) please let me know ❤️

Element selectors

Element -- selects all h2 elements on the page

h2 {
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function hexToRgb(hex) {
// Expand shorthand form ("#FFF") to full form ("#FFFFF")
var shorthandRegex = /^#?([a-f\d])([a-f\d])([a-f\d])$/i;
hex = hex.replace(shorthandRegex, function(m, r, g, b) {
return r + r + g + g + b + b;
// return hex values
var result = /^#?([a-f\d]{2})([a-f\d]{2})([a-f\d]{2})$/i.exec(hex);
return result ? {
r: parseInt(result[1], 16),
View comprowssor.html
<table data-comprowssor>
<caption>Middle Jurassic sections</caption>
<th>Period <small>[Mya]</small></th>
<th>Duration <small>[My]</small></th>
magicznyleszek /
Created Aug 20, 2014
Multiply blending mode to PNG in Photoshop
  1. copy your image (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C)
  2. make a new document-sized pure-black layer behind it
  3. group the black layer and yor image together
  4. add mask to the group
  5. enter mask edit mode (alt+click on the mask icon/thumbnail)
  6. paste your image in the mask (b/w) and then invert it.
  7. save it as a 24-bit transparent PNG
magicznyleszek /
Created Aug 12, 2014
Free safe mail providers

Free safe mail providers


It hides your computer IP in the email headers, SSL connection, virtual keyboard to thwart keyloggers when you access your email in public computers, and a pledge to erase all connection logs after 3 months. Their servers are located in the Netherlands.


magicznyleszek / ntc.js
Created Jul 31, 2014
Name that Color by Chirag Mehta
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| Created by Chirag Mehta - |
| ntc js (Name that Color JavaScript) |
All the functions, code, lists etc. have been written specifically
for the Name that Color JavaScript by Chirag Mehta unless otherwise
magicznyleszek / random-non-overlapping-position.js
Last active Apr 11, 2022
JavaScript -- get random non-overlapping position
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// declarations
var positions = [];
// Returns a random integer between min (included) and max (excluded)
// Using Math.round() will give you a non-uniform distribution!
function getRandomInt(min, max) {
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min;
// generate random positions