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(defn update-in* [m path f]
"Like update-in, but can map over lists by nesting paths."
(if (vector? (last path))
(let [nested-path (last path)
this-path (drop-last path)]
(if (empty? nested-path)
(update-in m this-path (partial map f))
(update-in m this-path (partial map #(update-in* % nested-path f)))))
(update-in m path f)))

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Importing endpoints from
Changed endpoints:
- signup_jwt
- user/{userId}/preferences/payment
- product/{productId}/children
- user/{userId}
- logins/{userId}
- discount
- search/users
View firstResultEventTest.js
(function (L) {
"use strict";
describe(" 'first-results'", function () {
var eventHub;
beforeEach(function () {
eventHub = FINN.eventHub.create();
View misc-defuns.el
;; shorthand for interactive lambdas
(defmacro λ (&rest body)
`(lambda ()
(global-set-key (kbd "s-l") (λ (insert "\u03bb")))
View validateWhileEditingTest.js
(function () {
"use strict";
buster.testCase("refute.calledWith fails badly in IE8", {
"it's just crazy dude": function () {
var spy = this.spy();
refute.calledWith(spy, "'test-value'");
View *scratch1*.el
[refute.calledWith] Expected function updateValidationError() {} not to be called with arguments 'dummy value'
updateValidationError({ completeCallback: function () {}, editCallback: function () {}, id: 1, onComplete: function () {}, onEdit: function () {} })
View domTest.js
(function () {
buster.testCase("dom", {
"assert.called fails in IE8, this is the minimal case": function () {
var spy = this.spy();
View setup-flycheck.el
(require 'flycheck)
(defun magnars/adjust-flycheck-automatic-syntax-eagerness ()
"Adjust how often we check for errors based on if there are any.
This lets us fix any errors as quickly as possible, but in a
clean buffer we're an order of magnitude laxer about checking."
(setq flycheck-idle-change-delay
(if flycheck-current-errors 0.3 3.0)))
printf "\n\033[34moiiku-attendants-app: \033[0m"
cd oiiku-attendants-app && git status
printf "\n\033[34moiiku-central-api: \033[0m"
cd ../oiiku-central-api && git status
printf "\n\033[34moiiku-dev-tools: \033[0m"
cd ../oiiku-dev-tools && git status
printf "\n\033[34moiiku-event-admin: \033[0m"
cd ../oiiku-event-admin && git status
printf "\n\033[34moiiku-grails-starterkit: \033[0m"
cd ../oiiku-grails-starterkit && git status