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Shannon magsol

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magsol / gist:f2961e0c8bfeee56339973773c8b6d8a
Last active Aug 5, 2020
ffmpeg video format conversion
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# converts vidfile.avi to
# re-encodes video using h264 codec
# This is good for, e.g., creating a video to post to instagram.
ffmpeg -i vidfile.avi -c:v h264
# This is good for, e.g., creating a video to embed in PPTX.
ffmpeg -i vidfile.avi -pix_fmt yuv420p
# see the list of available codecs
# This function was written as part of the analysis pipeline in
# Lu et al 2018, IEEE ISBI:
# The purpose of this function was to convert the predicted mask
# of cilia into an empirical probability density function that we
# would then sample "seeds" from to extract patches of ciliary motion
# (with high probability; hence, the empirical PDF) to feed to the
# downstream Conv-LSTM for classification. The reason we didn't
# just uniformly sample from the masked areas of cilia was to try
# and minimize uncertainty in the mask edges (hence, the distance
magsol /
Last active May 24, 2017
Simple script to edit the OpenCV conda-forge feedstock's build script to enable CUDA support.
# Installs a GPU-enabled OpenCV from the conda-forge feedstock.
# Assumes you already have Python 3 installed and the conda-forge channel on.
import argparse
import os.path
import subprocess
import sys
# These are the options we want to make sure are set to the values listed here.
magsol /
Created May 4, 2017
An animated 3D matplotlib figure that rotates incrementally as the plot is drawn.
import argparse
import matplotlib.pyplot as plot
from matplotlib import animation
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d.axes3d import Axes3D
import numpy as np
import as AR
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = 'Cilia AR Subspace Plotting',
magsol /
Last active Oct 4, 2016
BlueData Worker reformat and reinstall
# Register each worker.
# Make sure each worker is subscribed to the RHEL channels:
# - RHEL Server Optional
# - RHEL Server Supplementary
# - RHN Tools for RHEL
# Run on each worker.
yum -y update
magsol /
Last active Jan 29, 2019
Attempts to get the Amazon Dash button working with Hue lights.
magsol /
Last active May 23, 2017
Python packages I use.
magsol /
Created Jun 2, 2015
FERET binary to PNG image parser
import argparse
import bz2
import os
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = 'FERET Parser',
epilog = 'lol moar p1cz', add_help = 'How to use',
prog = 'python <args>')
# Required parameters.
magsol / OpenCV Introduction.ipynb
Created Dec 2, 2013
IPython notebook introducing the basics of OpenCV.
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