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Created Mar 26, 2014
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Odd situation involving private legacy fork of public repo
Upcoming changes to your fork mahemoff/yeoman
12:50 AM (7 hours ago)
Dear mahemoff,
During recent maintenance we discovered that your private fork mahemoff/yeoman's parent repository yeoman/yeoman is public. We no longer allow the creation of private forks from public repositories, so we need to make some changes to your fork.
To protect your code's privacy we don't automatically make a fork public to match the parent repository. Instead, mahemoff/yeoman will be unforked in three days and become a new private repository under your account.
If you would prefer that mahemoff/yeoman remain a fork of yeoman/yeoman, and you are OK with its contents becoming publicly available, within the next three days you can make the fork public from its settings page:
If you would like to continue using the fork as a private repository, you will need to upgrade your account to a paid plan:
If you don't take action, in three days mahemoff/yeoman will be unforked and locked until you make mahemoff/yeoman public or upgrate your account.
Please reply to this email or contact if you have any questions.
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