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/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
/* minibots.class.php Ver.1.9g */
/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
/* Mini Bots class is a small php class that allows you to */
/* use some free web seriveces online to retrive usefull data */
/* and infos. This version includes: */
/* smtp validation, check spelling, meteo, exchange rates, */
/* shorten urls, and geo referencing with IP address and more */
/* Feel free to use in your applications, but link my blog: */
mahmoodb653 / repair-mysql-data.ps1
Created June 27, 2021 09:04 — forked from josemmo/repair-mysql-data.ps1
Repair MySQL data directory (for XAMPP)
# Based on this answer:
# Backup old data
Rename-Item -Path "./data" -NewName "./data_old"
# Create new data directory
Copy-Item -Path "./backup" -Destination "./data" -Recurse
Remove-Item "./data/test" -Recurse
$dbPaths = Get-ChildItem -Path "./data_old" -Exclude ('mysql', 'performance_schema', 'phpmyadmin') -Recurse -Directory
Copy-Item -Path $dbPaths.FullName -Destination "./data" -Recurse