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to zero_pad(num, slength)
set maxlnum to "0000000000" & (num as text)
set ret_str to text ((length of maxlnum) - (slength - 1)) thru -1 of maxlnum
return ret_str
end zero_pad
to datef(d)
set yyyy to zero_pad(year of d, 4)
set mm to zero_pad(month of d as number, 2)
set dd to zero_pad(day of d, 2)
return yyyy & "-" & mm & "-" & dd
end datef
on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving theseItems
tell application "Finder"
set fileList to every file of thisFolder whose name extension ≠ "download" as list
set folderList to every folder of thisFolder as list
set docfolder to path to documents folder as alias
set docfolder_path to docfolder's POSIX path
set basePath to docfolder_path & "backup/" & name of thisFolder & "/"
set okuriFolder to POSIX file basePath as alias
repeat with i from 1 to number of items in fileList
set curItem to item i of fileList as alias
set curItemName to curItem's name
set createDate to curItem's modification date
set createDate to my datef(createDate)
set todayDate to my datef(current date)
if not (createDate = todayDate) then
if not (exists folder createDate of okuriFolder) then
make new folder at okuriFolder with properties {name:createDate}
end if
move file curItem to folder createDate of okuriFolder
end try
end if
end repeat
end tell
end adding folder items to
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