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3d printing supplies

3D printing supplies - RepRap et simili

PLA spools



Hotends - e3d v6

Motors (nema17), smooth rods, springs, board - [Minitronics]

CNC mill bits

Dupont cables

Kapton tape


Stepper drivers (stepstick)

GT2 belt

GT2 pulleys

4x4 fan

Thermistor (needs identification - usually mk2a but it's better to rebuild the whole thermistor table)

Heater cartdrige (resistor)

board - azteeg X3 - better sanguino (not 100% sure if the current batch works)

Z coupler

Leadscrew 8mm - 30cm

big external 220v fan (awesome for cooling PLA) good airflow, low power consuption

Hobbed bolt TL (Tonio Latino hobbed bolts) ITA Hyena

Aluminium extrusions - slot type B - 20x20 - 20x40

Vslot (aluminium extrusions) vslot-europe openbuildsitalia

Synchromesh belt and pulleys (sturdy printers)!/Synchromesh-Cable-Kit-Prusa-Mendel-compatible/p/12811311/category=0

Local section - Firenze

Screws Bencini e Malavilti - Firenze

Threaded rods Any local Hardware store

new suppliers will be added

formfutura link ask where the PLA 1.75mm saver bundle is gone

UK/London list

3mm fan screws!! todo

spools: imakr

new! Kossel Parts (soon)

  • More ptfe 2mm 4mm - china and uk
  • Ball joints for arms - carriages to center piece
  • Boards boards boards! (new azteeg + smoothie)
  • Vslot suppliers europe list, openbuilds italia
  • e3d misc links (bowden connectors + link to stl plate >> have to upload it to thingiverse yet :) )
  • cable plastic wrap

  • link to bluetooth battery endstops PCB + and intl edison project running marlin with endstop bluetooth integration
  • link to mega kossel parts - extruder 0.80 - lh 0.35 kossel 50cm build plate (default height 90cm) stay tuned

desktop computer setup:

[links todo]

good linux pc [maker - dev - office level (limited gaming possibilities) - compact] i5-i7 processor - mini itx mobo 19v (+ external psu 120w [link]) [new one with external ports] - case m350 ( - rams (you know) - cheap 256-512gb ssd - apple keyboard - logitech mouse g400s - debian latest (gnome 3 ftw)

monitor: iiyama 23-27" ips screens

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