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Last active Jul 30, 2020
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Read STATA .dta files chunk by chunk (streaming) into dask with pandas's read_stata / StataReader and some hackery
import dask.dataframe as dd
from dask.dataframe.utils import make_meta
from dask.delayed import delayed
import pandas as pd
from itertools import chain
def get_stata_dask_meta(file_name, meta_chunksize=10000, *args, **kwargs):
"""Load up first bit of the file for type metadata info. We have to resort
to using iter() and chunksize trickery because the read_stata function
doesn't have an "nrows" option."""
meta_df = next(pd.read_stata(file_name, *args, chunksize=meta_chunksize, **kwargs))
return make_meta(meta_df)
def read_stata_with_offset(file_name, start_row=0, nrows=None, *args, **kwargs):
reader = pd.read_stata(file_name, iterator=True, *args, **kwargs)
# Reset file pointer to start point
reader._lines_read = start_row
def dask_read_stata_delayed_simple(*args, **kwargs):
"""Swap the chunked version with this to see the difference."""
return pd.read_stata(*args, **kwargs)
def dask_read_stata_delayed_chunked(file_name, delayed_chunksize=1000000, *args, **kwargs):
"""Return a list of delayed objects, each of which will return a chunk of
the given stata file."""
# Get number of rows
reader = pd.read_stata(file_name, iterator=True, *args, **kwargs)
num_rows = reader.nobs
# Delayed stata chunk reader
delayed_read = delayed(read_stata_with_offset, pure=True)
delayeds = []
for chunk_offset in range(0, num_rows, delayed_chunksize):
chunk_task = delayed_read(file_name,
*args, **kwargs)
return delayeds
def dask_read_stata_delayed_group(file_names, meta=None, meta_chunksize=10000, *args, **kwargs):
# Create delayed objects for every file
delayeds = [dask_read_stata_delayed_chunked(f) for f in file_names]
# Type metadata
if meta is None:
meta = get_stata_dask_meta(file_names[0], *args, **kwargs)
return dd.from_delayed(list(chain.from_iterable(delayeds)), meta=meta)
# Usage:
# files = ["a.dta","b.dta"]
# df = dask_read_stata_delayed_group(files)
# agg = df.groupby(["exporter", "year"]).export_value.sum()
# agg.visualize()
# with ProgressBar():
# result = agg.compute()

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