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# How to echobot with XMPP, BOSH, and Strophe
1. Setup ejabberd( server and setup account admin@localhost.local
NOTE: localhost should be enough. If you setup something else, make sure you add it at /etc/hosts like this
#/etc/hosts localhost.local
NOTE: Also download Psi(, and make sure you can connect to your ejabberd server.
2. Download strophe( and place it (eg: /Users/makoto/work/sample/strophejs-1.0)
3. Setup the nginx and proxy following
server {
listen 80;
server_name localhost;
# This regexp did not work for me.
# location ~ ^/http-bind/ {
location /http-bind {
proxy_pass http://localhost:5280;
location / {
# This is where you place your strophejs sample.
root /Users/makoto/work/sample/strophejs-1.0;
# the above will serve 2 uri
4. Modify echobot.js line 1
var BOSH_SERVICE = 'http://localhost.local/http-bind';
5. Open http://localhost.local/examples/echobot.html and type jid(admin@localhost.local) and password(whatever you setup at #1)
# It will show message like this.
Strophe is connecting.
Strophe is connected.
ECHOBOT: Send a message to admin@localhost.local/4199388567126350847984920 to talk to me.
NOTE: If you have Psi opened, it will pop up notification that now you are connected.
6. Send a message(Chat)
From your Psi, right click , select "Open Chat To" , then pick the resource (eg: 4199388567126350847984920)
When you send the message, it will echo what you sent to the browser like this
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lvsheng4 commented Apr 6, 2014


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kmmastermind commented Apr 11, 2014

I tried to follow the above steps on MAC OS X Lion. It works fine for http://localhost/http-bind but not for http://localhost/examples/echobot.html. It gives me 403 error. I google related to error, but couldn't find the root cause. Please help me. Thanks ind Advance.

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holysoros commented Sep 18, 2014

@kmmastermind, nginx user should have x permission in every parent directory of the echobot.html. Refer to

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zhuoxl commented Oct 17, 2014

nice, thank you very much

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darshanopenxcell commented Dec 25, 2014


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dasuxullebt commented Oct 5, 2017

This seems to be dead link now :\ could you upload the echo bot somewhere?

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