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LaTeX macro to obfuscate text as an image (to prevent selecting, parsing, ...)
\global\advance\@imagecount 1
\immediate\write18{echo '\unexpanded{\font\1=}\fontname\font' > \x.tex}%
\immediate\write18{echo '\unexpanded{\1#1\nopagenumbers\bye}' >> \x.tex}%
\immediate\write18{pdftex \x.tex}%
\immediate\write18{pdf2ps -dNoOutputFonts \x.pdf \}
\immediate\write18{ps2pdf \ \x.pdf}
\immediate\write18{pdfcrop --hires \x.pdf \x.pdf}
\immediate\write18{rm image-\the\@imagecount.*}%

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@maleadt maleadt commented Mar 27, 2015

Note that this requires passig --shell-escape to pdflatex.

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