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import asyncio
from aiohttp import web, http_exceptions
from src.core.base.BaseModule import BaseModule
from src.core.registry.ModuleRegistry import ModuleRegistry
from src.core.registry.OptionRegistry import OptionRegistry
from prompt_toolkit.shortcuts import PromptSession
from prompt_toolkit.styles import Style
prompt_style = Style.from_dict({"prompt": "ansired bold"})
class LocalFSModule(BaseModule):
helper = {
'name': 'local_fs',
'help': 'This module will start a local HTTP file server',
'usage': 'use local_fs'
options = {
'module': {
'host': [
'The IPv4 Address of the local interface you want to use',
'port': [
'The port number to use for the local HTTP server',
'root': [
'The directory path containing files to serve via HTTP',
def __init__(self, command: str, print_queue: asyncio.Queue, console: object):
self.command: str = command
self.console: object = console
self.print_queue: asyncio.Queue = print_queue
self.module_register: ModuleRegistry = ModuleRegistry()
self.option_register: OptionRegistry = OptionRegistry()
async def main(self) -> None:
await self.register()
await self.module_shell()
async def register(self) -> None:
async def module_shell(self) -> None:
session = PromptSession()
allowed_commands = ['set', 'options', 'run', 'back']
tasks: list = []
while True:
prompt_text = self.option_register.get_register_value('prompt')
sub_prompt = f"{prompt_text} [{self.helper['name']}]> "
data: str = await session.prompt_async(sub_prompt, style=prompt_style)
if not data or not data.startswith(tuple(allowed_commands)):
if data.startswith(tuple(['back', 'exit'])):
raise EOFError
if data.startswith(tuple(['set', 'options'])):
# noinspection PyUnresolvedReferences
await self.console.command_interpreter(data)
if data.startswith(tuple(['run', 'exploit'])):
except (EOFError, KeyboardInterrupt):
await self.unregister()
except http_exceptions.BadStatusLine as e:
await self.print_queue.put(f"[Warning] - {e.__str__()}")
except Exception as e:
print("DERP " + e.__str__())
[task.cancel() for task in tasks]
async def unregister(self) -> None:
options: dict = self.option_register.get_register_dict()
if 'module' in options.keys():
async def execute(self) -> None:
root: str = self.option_register.get_register_value('root')
port: str = self.option_register.get_register_value('port')
host: str = self.option_register.get_register_value('host')
app = web.Application()
app.router.add_static("/", root, show_index=True)
runner = web.AppRunner(app)
await runner.setup()
site = web.TCPSite(runner, host=host, port=int(port))
await site.start()
await self.print_queue.put(f"[HTTP Server] - Started on IP {host} using port {port}\n")
await asyncio.Event().wait()
except asyncio.CancelledError:
except Exception as e:
if "10048" in e.__str__():
await self.print_queue.put(f"[HTTP Server] - Server already started on port {port}\n")
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