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maliciousgroup/ Secret

Created Apr 7, 2021
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import asyncio
from src.core.base.BaseCommand import BaseCommand
from src.core.registry.OptionRegistry import OptionRegistry
class SetCommand(BaseCommand):
helper = {
'name': 'set',
'help': 'This command will set an option value',
'usage': 'set'
def __init__(self, command: str, print_queue: asyncio.Queue):
Class "initializer"
:param command: User-supplied input
:param print_queue: None
self.command: str = command
self.pq: asyncio.Queue = print_queue
self.options: OptionRegistry = OptionRegistry()
async def main(self) -> None:
Coroutine that starts command logic
:returns: None
await self.execute()
async def execute(self) -> None:
Coroutine that handles any execution logic
:returns: None
if len(self.command.split()) < 3:
_parts: list = self.command.split()
# Fix user input styles when setting option values
if _parts[2] == '=':
if _parts[2] == '\"\"':
_parts[2] = ''
_, key, *value = tuple(_parts)
if key in self.options.get_registry_pairs().keys():
await self.pq.put(self.options.set_register_value(key, ' '.join(value)))
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