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How to add Mongolian tögrög to CBX Accounting
add_filter('cbxwpsimpleaccounting_currencies', 'cbxwpsimpleaccounting_currencies_custom_currency');
//how to add new currency
* Add new currency
* @param array $currency_arr
* @return array
function cbxwpsimpleaccounting_currencies_custom_currency($currency_arr){
//at first check if the same currency code is added before
$currency_arr['MNT'] = 'Mongolian tögrög';
return $currency_arr;
//how to add symbol for the new currency
add_filter('cbxwpsimpleaccounting_currency_symbol','cbxwpsimpleaccounting_currency_symbol_mnt', 10, 2);
function cbxwpsimpleaccounting_currency_symbol_mnt($currency_symbol, $currency_code){
if($currency_code == 'MNT') return '$₮'; // where 'MNT' is your known currency code and '$₮'' is your known currency symbol
return $currency_symbol;
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