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Appendix for the Zebedee Adventure Game Tutorial
using System;
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using ZbdUnitySDK.Logging;
using ZbdUnitySDK;
using System.Threading;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using ZbdUnitySDK.Models;
using ZbdUnitySDK.Models.Zebedee;
using ZbdUnitySDK.Services;
using ZXing;
using ZXing.QrCode;
// This script exists in the Persistent scene and manages the content
// based scene's loading. It works on a principle that the
// Persistent scene will be loaded first, then it loads the scenes that
// contain the player and other visual elements when they are needed.
// At the same time it will unload the scenes that are not needed when
// the player leaves them.
public class SceneController : MonoBehaviour
public event Action BeforeSceneUnload; // Event delegate that is called just before a scene is unloaded.
public event Action AfterSceneLoad; // Event delegate that is called just after a scene is loaded.
public CanvasGroup faderCanvasGroup; // The CanvasGroup that controls the Image used for fading to black.
public float fadeDuration = 1f; // How long it should take to fade to and from black.
public string startingSceneName = "SecurityRoom";
// The name of the scene that should be loaded first.
public string initialStartingPositionName = "DoorToMarket";
// The name of the StartingPosition in the first scene to be loaded.
public SaveData playerSaveData; // Reference to the ScriptableObject which stores the name of the StartingPosition in the next scene.
private bool isFading; // Flag used to determine if the Image is currently fading to or from black.
public string apiKey;
public string zebedeeBaseUrl;
public Image QRcodeImage;
public GameObject QRCodePanel;
public Text QRcodeText;
private IZdbLogger logger = LoggerFactory.GetLogger();
private ZebedeeClient zbdClient = null;
private int totalSats = 10;
public int gamePlayFeeSats;
private async void Start()
// Set the initial alpha to start off with a black screen.
faderCanvasGroup.alpha = 1f;
// Write the initial starting position to the playerSaveData so it can be loaded by the player when the first scene is loaded.
playerSaveData.Save(PlayerMovement.startingPositionKey, initialStartingPositionName);
QRcodeText.text = "Play Game for " + gamePlayFeeSats + " sats";
zbdClient = new ZebedeeClient(zebedeeBaseUrl, apiKey);
///////////////// START USING ZEBEDEE SDK /////////////////////////////////////////////////
private async void PayForAGamePlay()
Charge charge = new Charge();
charge.Description = gamePlayFeeSats + " sats for ZEBEDEE SDK DEMO GAME";
charge.AmountInSatoshi = int.Parse(gamePlayFeeSats + "");
Debug.Log(zebedeeBaseUrl + " " + apiKey + " " + gamePlayFeeSats);
await zbdClient.CreateChargeAsync(charge, handleInvoice);
private async void handleInvoice(ChargeResponse invoice)
//3.Lightning BOLT invoice string
string boltInvoice = invoice.Data.Invoice.Request;
string chargeId = invoice.Data.Id;
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(boltInvoice))
Debug.Log("bolt Invoice is not set in Invoice in reponse.Check the BTCpay server's lightning setup");
Texture2D texs = GenerateQR(boltInvoice);//Generate QR code image
//4.Set the QR code Image to image Gameobject
QRcodeImage.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = Sprite.Create(texs, new Rect(0.0f, 0.0f, texs.width, texs.height), new Vector2(0.5f, 0.5f), 100.0f);
//5.Subscribe the get notified about payment status
string status = await zbdClient.SubscribeChargeAsync(chargeId);
if ("completed".Equals(status))
//Change the image from QR to Paid
QRcodeImage.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = Resources.Load<Sprite>("image/paid");
logger.Debug("payment is complete");
await Task.Delay(2000);
totalSats += gamePlayFeeSats;
// Once the scene is finished loading, start fading in.
//for example, if the amount paid is not full, do something.the line below just print the status.
logger.Error("payment is not completed:" + status);
public async void DoWithdrawal()
//1.New Withdrawal Preparation
Withdraw withdraw = new Withdraw();
withdraw.Description = "ZEBEDEE SDK DEMO GAME";
withdraw.AmountInSatoshi = totalSats;
//2.Create Invoice with initial data and get the full invoice
await zbdClient.WithDrawAsync(withdraw, handleWithdrawal);
private async void handleWithdrawal(WithdrawResponse withdraw)
string lnURL = withdraw.Data.Invoice.Request;
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(lnURL))
logger.Debug("lnURL is not set in withdrawal response.");
QRcodeText.text = "Congrats! Withdraw " + gamePlayFeeSats + " sats";
Texture2D texs = GenerateQR(lnURL);//Generate QR code image
//4.Set the QR code image to image Gameobject
QRcodeImage.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = Sprite.Create(texs, new Rect(0.0f, 0.0f, texs.width, texs.height), new Vector2(0.5f, 0.5f), 100.0f);
//5.Subscribe to a callback method with ID to be monitored
string status = await zbdClient.SubscribeWithDrawAsync(withdraw.Data.Id);
if ("completed".Equals(status))
//Change the image from QR to Paid
QRcodeImage.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = Resources.Load<Sprite>("image/withdrawn");
logger.Debug("withdraw is success");
//for example, if the amount paid is not full, do something.the line below just print the status.
logger.Error("withdraw is not success:" + status);
private Texture2D GenerateQR(string text)
logger.Debug("generateQR():generating Qr for text: " + text);
var encoded = new Texture2D(350, 350);
var color32 = Encode(text, encoded.width, encoded.height);
return encoded;
private static Color32[] Encode(string textForEncoding,
int width, int height)
var writer = new BarcodeWriter
Format = BarcodeFormat.QR_CODE,
Options = new QrCodeEncodingOptions
Height = height,
Width = width
return writer.Write(textForEncoding);
///////////////// END USING ZEBEDEE SDK ////////////////////////////////////////////////
// This is the main external point of contact and influence from the rest of the project.
// This will be called by a SceneReaction when the player wants to switch scenes.
public void FadeAndLoadScene(SceneReaction sceneReaction)
// If a fade isn't happening then start fading and switching scenes.
if (!isFading)
// This is the coroutine where the 'building blocks' of the script are put together.
private IEnumerator FadeAndSwitchScenes(string sceneName)
// Start fading to black and wait for it to finish before continuing.
yield return StartCoroutine(Fade(1f));
// If this event has any subscribers, call it.
if (BeforeSceneUnload != null)
// Unload the current active scene.
yield return SceneManager.UnloadSceneAsync(SceneManager.GetActiveScene().buildIndex);
// Start loading the given scene and wait for it to finish.
yield return StartCoroutine(LoadSceneAndSetActive(sceneName));
// If this event has any subscribers, call it.
if (AfterSceneLoad != null)
// Start fading back in and wait for it to finish before exiting the function.
yield return StartCoroutine(Fade(0f));
private IEnumerator LoadSceneAndSetActive(string sceneName)
// Allow the given scene to load over several frames and add it to the already loaded scenes (just the Persistent scene at this point).
yield return SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(sceneName, LoadSceneMode.Additive);
// Find the scene that was most recently loaded (the one at the last index of the loaded scenes).
Scene newlyLoadedScene = SceneManager.GetSceneAt(SceneManager.sceneCount - 1);
// Set the newly loaded scene as the active scene (this marks it as the one to be unloaded next).
private IEnumerator Fade(float finalAlpha)
// Set the fading flag to true so the FadeAndSwitchScenes coroutine won't be called again.
isFading = true;
// Make sure the CanvasGroup blocks raycasts into the scene so no more input can be accepted.
faderCanvasGroup.blocksRaycasts = true;
// Calculate how fast the CanvasGroup should fade based on it's current alpha, it's final alpha and how long it has to change between the two.
float fadeSpeed = Mathf.Abs(faderCanvasGroup.alpha - finalAlpha) / fadeDuration;
// While the CanvasGroup hasn't reached the final alpha yet...
while (!Mathf.Approximately(faderCanvasGroup.alpha, finalAlpha))
// ... move the alpha towards it's target alpha.
faderCanvasGroup.alpha = Mathf.MoveTowards(faderCanvasGroup.alpha, finalAlpha,
fadeSpeed * Time.deltaTime);
// Wait for a frame then continue.
yield return null;
// Set the flag to false since the fade has finished.
isFading = false;
// Stop the CanvasGroup from blocking raycasts so input is no longer ignored.
faderCanvasGroup.blocksRaycasts = false;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
public class LnurlReaction : Reaction
private SceneController sceneController; // Reference to the SceneController to actually do the loading and unloading of scenes.
protected override void SpecificInit()
sceneController = FindObjectOfType<SceneController>();
protected override void ImmediateReaction()
using UnityEditor;
public class LnurlReactionEditor : ReactionEditor
protected override string GetFoldoutLabel()
return "LNURL Reaction";
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