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@mandyRae mandyRae/relaylight.ino
Last active Apr 2, 2016

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ultrasonic sensor and power relay to control desk lighting
Using an Arduino with a Power Relay
Parts used:
--ultrasonic sensor
--desk lamp
--Arduino Uno
--120v relay
This sketch uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect whether
a person in near or sitting at a desk, and sends a
signal to a power relay to turn desk lighting on or off.
#include <NewPing.h>
const int LIGHT = 10;
const int TRIGGER = 12;
const int ECHO = 11;
NewPing sonar(TRIGGER, ECHO);
void setup(){
/* The main loop iterates every 2.5 seconds. */
void loop(){
/*In order to get a accurate measure of wether
someone is near, we read the ultrasonic sensor
30 times and take the average. That way, if the
ultrasonic sensor reads sporadically as it
occasionaly does, those values will be averaged out.
This takes 0.05 * 30 = 1.5 seconds to get a value
from the sensor. */
while (int i, i < 30, i++){
sum = sum + sonar.ping_cm();
int average_distance = sum/30;
/* Using the value, we send a signal to the relay
depending on whether someone is detected less than
130 cm away. We also pause for a second for good
measure. */
if (average_distance < 130){
digitalWrite(LIGHT, HIGH);
digitalWrite(LIGHT, LOW);
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