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Last active Sep 3, 2021
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Possible next release updates
-- Finished FarmZones LvL 70+
-- Move Follow and Assist to new Function
-- Rename all FarmZones regions for String Region Name
-- If Hunting Loop enable, not reopen zone HTML
-- Class Buff Selection.
-- Function for adding buff and skill attack
-- Configurable (int) values
-- Options for Wait Spoil
-- Adding ImprovedBabyKookaburra to function use
-- Remove RequiredSummonsCount (High Five)
-- Improve recharge party members for save self mp (sub function)
-- Remove unnecessary attack skills
-- Fix Support not assist if debuff activated
-- Adding Class Hp Buffs
-- Adding ignore time cansee monsters
-- Clear targets if target is not leader target in high range
-- Fix kill target outside zone if not have full hp
-- Ignore Raids target
-- Adding Salvation buff on target?
-- Adding follow time after use rush skills
-- Adding resurrection scroll if supporters are dead
-- Fix mage attack Ultimate Defence mobs, import in list seconds like no pickup itens ignore list.
-- Finally: Adding full script auto farm 1-85
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