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Build a debian package for your binary (box) to install in /usr/bin/
# Prepare the binary
mkdir mypackage; # root dir of the package creation
mkdir -p mypackage/usr/bin; # path to install
cp box mypackage/usr/bin # copy the binary
# Prepare the debian control
mkdir -p mypackage/DEBIAN/
cat > mypackage/DEBIAN/control << EOF
Package: myfancypackage
Version: 1.0-1
Maintainer: You <whatever@contact.address>
Architecture: amd64
Description: flies aeroplanes
Longer description here
As you can see, new paragraph are split by a single dot,
and lines have to be indented by one space.
# Create the package
dpkg-deb -b mypackage .
# verify the package with `less <pkg>` or `dpkg -c <pkg>`
# Need a simpler approach?
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