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Almost complete implementation to leetify a given string passed in via command line. Still doesn't set characters immediately following a number to lower case.
(ns bob.core
(:require [clojure.string :as slib]
[ :as zlib]
[ :as io])
(:gen-class :main true))
(defn consonant-in? [s]
(not (empty? (re-seq #"[^aeiouAEIOU\s]" (str s)))))
(defn leet-vowel [v]
(let [c (slib/lower-case v)]
(= "a" c) 4
(= "e" c) 3
(= "i" c) 1
(= "o" c) 0
:else v)))
(defn is-lower-case? [c]
(= (slib/lower-case c) c))
(defn switch-letter-case [c]
(if (is-lower-case? c)
(slib/upper-case c)
(slib/lower-case c)))
(defn first-letter-rule [c]
(if (consonant-in? c)
(slib/lower-case c)
(defn flip-direction [l]
(if (is-lower-case? l)
(defn rest-of-word [dir w head n l]
(if (even? (+ dir n))
(slib/upper-case l)
(slib/lower-case l)))
(defn flip-case [w]
(let [head (first-letter-rule (first w))
rest (rest w)]
(apply str
" " ;; Space between the word
head ;; First Letter of this word
(map #(rest-of-word (flip-direction head) rest head %1 %2)
(range 0 (count rest))
(defn leet-words [s]
(apply str (map flip-case (lazy-seq (slib/split (apply str (map leet-letter s)) #" ")))))
(defn leet-letter [l]
(if-not (consonant-in? l)
(leet-vowel l)
(defn -main [& args]
(if args
(println (leet-words args))
(println "Usage: <string to leetify>")))
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