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Instagram Hack Tutorial
Today, we will hack insta account. Means we willbe able to download our targets post, stories, etc if there account is not private.
Requirements :-
a) Kali Linux
b) Pyhton3 installed
c) Pip3 installed
d) Insta account
Steps :-
a) Open your kali Linux machine
b) Open Terminal and make a Folder,
1. mkdir Instahack {Where Instahack is foldername, you can put your own}
2. cd Instahack {Enter in Instahack directory}
3. git clone {it will download Osintgram in your directory}
4. ls {You will find Osintgram folder}
5. cd Osintgram {enter in this folder}
6. sudo apt install python3 {it will install python}
7. sudo apt install pip3 {it will install pip}
Now its time to install a file. for this, type ,it will install the file.
8. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Now requirements are fulfilled, its time to move forward. now do ls, if config folder is present there then add three files ther if not then make one directory.
9. mkdir config {it will make config directory}
Now, enter inside the config directory
10. cd config
Now, make three files
11. echo "username" > username.conf {At the place of username, write your instagram account username}
12. echo "paasword" > pw.conf {Write your accounts paasword at the place of paasword}
13. echo "{}" > settings.json {write as it is}
Now , do ls, if there credentials.ini file is present then do some more steps
14. nano credentials.ini {Here editor will open, so you need to write your insta account username and password then first press ctrl+o then press enter , after it press ctrl+x,}
Afte that, do cd and come in Osintgram directory
15. cd ..
Do ls
16. ls
Now, we are good to go , type
17. python3 target {At target, you will type your target's account username and hit enter}
It will logged in if account will be private then you will be able to see many things and download posts, stories etc
18. list
Choose one thing and type here and you will find your result in output folder, you can see them there.
Thats it.
Thanks and Regards
Manu Thakur
Vit Bhopal University

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@manuthakur0909 manuthakur0909 commented May 4, 2021

Hack Insta account, You will be able to download posts of your target , stories etc

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