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maptastik /
Last active Aug 2, 2019
Import data into PostGIS with ogr2ogr

Generally I can use QGIS and its DBManager to import data into a PostGIS database. Sometimes that doesn't work perfectly. ogr2ogr can help though. Here are a few approaches to getting data into PostGIS with ogr2ogr.

This is probably the most basic approach:

 ogr2ogr -f "PostgreSQL" PG:"dbname=<db name> user=<username> password=<password> host=<host> port=<port #>" input.geojson -nln schema.table

Running this little command seems to work if you have need to specify the geometry type (Source):

View tnm_edit.arcade
var y = (2 * Atan(Exp(Geometry($feature).y / 6378137)) - PI / 2) / (PI / 180)
var x = Geometry($feature).x / (PI / 180) / 6378137
return "" + y +"," + x + ",16"
maptastik / numeric_test_points.geojson
Last active Jul 9, 2019
Plotting data-driven proportional symbol markers with geopandas
View numeric_test_points.geojson
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View int_to_auto_increment.sql
-- See
-- Create a new sequence
CREATE sequence <column_id_seq>;
-- Alter the field you're converting to an auto-incrementing field be setting a default value based on a sequence
ALTER TABLE <table_name> alter <id_column> SET DEFAULT nextval(<'id_column_seq'>);
-- Set the current max value of the id column as the starting point for the sequence
SELECT setval(<'id_column_seq'>, <max_id_column_value> );
maptastik / LineIntersectionsGeopandas.ipynb
Created Apr 4, 2019
Using geopandas to find line intersection points within a dataset
View LineIntersectionsGeopandas.ipynb
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maptastik / MultipleGeometryGDF.ipynb
Created Apr 3, 2019
Creating and working with multiple geometry columns in a single GeoDataFrame
View MultipleGeometryGDF.ipynb
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maptastik / SphericalMercator2WGS84.arcade
Last active Mar 22, 2019
Arcade expressions for deriving WGS84 decimal degree coordinates
View SphericalMercator2WGS84.arcade
// Arcade expressions to convert point coordinates from Web Mercator to WGS84 Decimal Degrees
// Based on the LibreCalc expressions found at
// Latitude
(2 * Atan(Exp(Geometry($feature).y / 6378137)) - PI / 2) / (PI / 180)
// Longitude
Geometry($feature).x / (PI / 180) / 6378137
View intersectingPolygonAttributes.arcade
var polygon = FeatureSetByName($map, 'Polygon Layer Name', ['Field1', 'Field2', 'Field3'])
var polygonUnderFeatureInfo = Intersects(polyogn, $feature) //
return First(Intersects(parcels, $feature))
# max = max FACILITYID value in dataset. This can be calculated with a function
with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor('feature_class', ['FACILITYID'], "FACILITYID IS NULL") as cursor:
for row in cursor:
new_facilityid_number = max + 1
row[0] = str(new_facilityid_number)
max = new_facilityid_number

It is sort of tricky to run spatial queries against tables in a GeoPackage anywhere, but especially outside of QGIS. This is because we're reliant on Spatialite to carry out those queries and Spatialite is just not well supported. A real shame!

Luckily there are a few resources for helping you get up and going with installing Spatialite for working with GeoPackages in a SQL client like DB Browser.

There is a page in the DB Browser Wik on GitHub called " SpatiaLite on Windows" and it is dedicated to installing Spatialite for use with DB Browser. Note that there are special instructions for a Windows 10 issue.

Bryan McBride at Spatial Networks wrote up a nice piece on working with GeoPackages in DB Browser called "Working with Geospatial Data: An Introduction". It's got a nice walk-thru of how to use DB Browser with GeoPackage as well as some general installation instructions.

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