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Created April 19, 2018 22:47
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seald class sample
import org.junit.Test
sealed class Event {
class Loading : Event()
class Loaded(val result: String) : Event()
class LoadFailed(val reason: String) : Event()
class SampleTest {
fun sample() {
val event1 = Event.Loading()
val event2 = Event.Loaded("1です")
val event3 = Event.LoadFailed("やんごとなき理由です")
val events = listOf(event1, event2, event3)
events.forEach { hoge(it) }
fun hoge(event: Event) {
when (event) {
is Event.Loading -> println("読み込み中です")
is Event.Loaded -> println("こんな感じの結果です ${event.result}")
is Event.LoadFailed -> println("残念ですが失敗しました ${event.reason}")
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