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Last active Oct 17, 2019
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Material design icons:

OMEMO Key Icons

Unicode? Material? OMEMO key state Used for encryption
🕘͓ clock-alert, clock + close-octagon expired (key no longer in device list) no
🚫️ minus-circle, close-circle distrusted no
help-circle, help undecided (default without blind-trust) no
✔️ check-circle, check accepted (default with blind-trust) yes
🛡 shield, shield-check verified yes

Encrypted message icons

Unicode? Material? Info
🔓 lock-open, lock-open-variant Unencrypted message
🔒 lock + close-octagon distrusted (may hide)
🔒⚠️ lock + alert undecided
🔒 lock accepted
🛡 shield verified

Clients may (optionally) do any of the following to hide icons on messages:

  • Always hide unencrypted icon but show all others
  • Dynamically hide icons per local encryption setting:
    • Hide unencrypted icon if conversation is unencrypted
    • Hide encrypted+accepted icon if conversation is encrypted
    • Hide encrypted+verified icon if conversation is encrypted, all keys are verified and blind-trust is disabled
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