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Public Library fairytale

slide 1:

there is a dream. dream of universal access to knowledge for every member of society. dreams rarely come true but this one got embodied: public library!

before internet it was struggling in proving that it can cover a lot of a knowledge. internet was that dream if you ever could imagine the future of public library.

but with internet the biggest disappointment came. public library is about to disappear. no access to digital books + economic crisis.

slide 2:

let's go back to the dream: what is public library?

  1. universal access to books for every member of society
  2. catalog
  3. librarian

slide 3:

librariaship was useful. it automatized and systematized knowledge about cataloging that we have easy to use tools for amateurs. and that's calibre.

you select the book and import it into calibre.

slide 4:

with one click you get metadata (from internet).

slide 5:

pick up one metadata if there are more candidates. then we go back to universal access. we have to share our amateur catalog with the world. nothing easier. one click

slide 6:

[let's share books] calibre plugin. click on [start sharing]

slide 7:

connecting to internet. find the memory of the server

slide 8:

get public url which one can share with the world. and world gets access to the catalog. if many librarians do that we can say:

everyone is a librarian and if everyone is librarian library is everywhere.


but it would be great if then we can search through all of the libraries part of big peer to peer one. ta daaaam!

slide 9: search, find the librarians, chat with them at, find the book, import it directly to your own calibre because what we want is end-to-end catalog where no book ever leave the catalog. where else a librarian goes for the books:

slide 10: million of books.

slide 11: where researchers hang out, collect, make collections: A Genealogy of Bibliographies, A citizens unconditional basic income, Art and Performance, Public Space, Public Sphere, Queer Theology and the Performing Body, Fairy Tales, Fluxus, feminist spatial reasoning,Perspectives on Perspective , Post-War Marxian Economics... and many others

slide 12: - beautiful

slide 13: - beautiful check it out.

slide 14:

but then again. what about books which are not already at,,, monoskop. (for many controversial). you pay. one cent. seventynine cents. ninetynine cents. never more. they cover crowdfunding. you select the book at amazon put it into your whishlist.

slide 15:

they take care about getting it. from amazon. for you. without drm. for money. for less then a dollar. per book.

slide 16:

and then. what about the books which are not on,,, monoskop. ebookoid. what about the books. the real books. scanner. we scan. 15 minutes of taking photos. then preparing it for ocr and pdfing. from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. per book. a lot of labour before we make our dream comes true: universal access to knowledge for every member of society.

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