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Last active Dec 31, 2019
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Using SVG icons

SVG icons with custom elements:

  1. Create your icons. Boxy SVG is perfect for this. Note that this assumes a viewBox of 0,0,128,128.
  2. Save this file, say in /css/icons.svg
  3. Include the b-icon.js somewhere.
  4. You can then use <b-icon name="hamburger" color="#fff" size="64px"></b-icon> in your HTML
  5. You can easily extend this as necessary.

That's it!

customElements.define ("b-icon", class extends HTMLElement
static get observedAttributes ()
return ["name", "color", "size"]
_set_icon ()
let name = this.getAttribute ("name")
this.innerHTML = `<svg viewBox="0 0 128 128"><use xlink:href="/css/icons.svg#${name}"></use></svg>`
let color = this.getAttribute ("color") || '#555',
style = this.querySelector ("svg").style
style.fill = style.stroke = color
if (this.hasAttribute ("size")) {
let size = this.getAttribute ("size")
style.width = size
connectedCallback ()
this._set_icon ()
attributeChangedCallback (name, oldValue, newValue)
if (oldValue != newValue) {
switch (name) {
case "name":
case "color":
case "size":
this._set_icon ()
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